Library budgets approved

04/08/2010 12:00 AM |

Riverhead Free Library’s budget was approved by voters by a 196 to 125 count Tuesday, and Baiting Hollow Free Library’s budget also was approved, 167 to 149.

The Riverhead library budget calls for a 4.37 percent tax levy increase, raising spending from $2.71 million to $2.83 million.

The Baiting Hollow budget increases its usual $100 per year, from $11,400 to $11,500.

Riverhead library director Lisa Jacobs said the budget calls for no salary increases for library employees and has few new programs, with the bulk of the spending increase coming from the MTA payroll tax and payments to the state retirement system.

“Although finances are tight for many taxpayers, the majority of voters recognize the enormous value of their public library,” Ms. Jacobs said of the vote results. “In fact, library usage has increased dramatically since the economy bottomed out. I’m very pleased by this show of support.”