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Riley Avenue Elementary School will be closed Memorial Day, Monday, May 31. Enjoy your time off.

The next Riley Avenue Parents Association meeting will be held Tuesday, June 1, at 7:15 p.m. in the school library. All parents are encouraged to attend and lend a hand with all the fun events coming up in June.

A special thank-you is being sent to Mr. Schaefer, a fourth-grade teacher at Riley, from all the students that he took to Riverhead Raceway recently. The children got to say “Drivers, start your engines” and had their pictures taken with the drivers. They had the best seats in the house, as the grandstand was reserved just for them. Everyone had a great time.

Here is the schedule for Field Day at Riley: Fourth grade: Tuesday, June 1, 9:30-11:30 a.m.; third grade: Wednesday, June 2, 9:30-11:30 a.m.; kindergarten: Wednesday, June 2, 12:30-2:30 p.m.; first grade: Thursday, June 3, 9-11 a.m.; second grade: Friday, June 4, 9-11 a.m. In case of rain a new schedule will be sent home for that grade. Coaches Braune and Hedges look forward to seeing parents attend.

A very happy 3rd birthday to Sean Peterson from his mom and dad, Christine and Chip. Sean is such a great little guy and his mommy and daddy love him very much. We all hope you have a very special birthday, Sean.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Ray Cardinal Jr., who celebrated on May 17. From all your family, friends and everyone at Riley, we all hope you had a really great day!

Thomas Pipczynski Jr. would like to wish his wife, Sandy, a very happy 13th wedding anniversary on May 31. Many more years of happiness are wished for you both. Have a great day.

Get well soon to Frances White (“Babcia”) from all your family and friends. We wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon.

If you have any news for next week’s column, you need to get it to me by this evening, as we have an early deadline due to Memorial Day.

Strawberries are here! They have arrived early and are delicious and plentiful, so get them while they’re perfect. Freeze them, make jam or just stuff yourself full of them. Enjoy!

My sister and I picked wild strawberries the other day, I haven’t seen them in years, as they usually freeze while they are in flower. We picked just enough to make a little bit of jam. It was really cool to pick these tiny berries, which are the size of a pencil eraser.

The orioles are out and they love oranges, so slice some in half and put them out for these colorful birds.

That is all for this week. Be safe and I will talk to you next time. Bye.



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  • Tha article says that neither he nor Altshuler are challenging the military ballots.

  • you’re a moron!

  • Who’s in charge of these counts – Alec Baldwin?

  • Bishop stands for Cap and Tax as well as Universal Healthcare. i have a hard time believing that anyone who stands with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time could speak for LI. Bishop needs to go, maybe I’ll have hope for us if Altshuler wins

  • LETS GO RANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bradford, you’re a moron! By the way, what kind of name is Bradford? Bishop, nor Obama, are not Socialist’s. You are just an ignorant, gullible, FOX watching fool, that has been Brainwashed. If you have a brain at all! Bishop, and the Democrats are for fairness! I guess you are against Medicare and the VA? Now, those are 2 examples of government health care, that are very popular with the public. The Vets I have met, love Congressman Bishop, because he helped them, and has a strong commitment to them. They are heroes, and he knows that. For instance, you probably don’t know that he supported the 2nd GI Bill of Rights.

    Health care Reform, put needed restrictions on the real “Death Panels”, the insurance companies. They denied people procedure, tests and treatments. Due to the Heath care Law, a person can NOT be kicked off their insurance when they get sick. There are no annual limits, no lifetime limits. If a person, get cancer, they could blow through their benefits with in 2 years. Young Adults can stay on their parents plan until the age of 26. The law helps Small Business by giving them tax credits, to help them afford to give their employees health care. It also creates pools for people who are uninsured, and for businesses to shop around to get the best deal, until the Health care Exchanges go into effect in 2014 . The law also stops insurance companies from denying children with pre-existing conditions health care coverage. With in the next to years, no American with a pre-existing condition will be able to be denied health care because they have a pre-existing condition.

    You’re probably one of those T-Bager’s, who’s uninsured? You should look into it the the pool for the uninsured. Before the law was passed there were 45 Million Americans with out health insurance, and these are not Welfare recipicients. They get Medicaid. The 45 Million Americans, are people who work, and contribute to this country, but can NOT afford the high price of Health insurance. This law will help to correct some of the injustices the insurance companies have done to hard working people.

    Call Congressman Bishop, though he is a little busy at the moment, or one of the 2 U.S. Senators, that you probably also voted against.