Health Beat: Free bariatric seminar Nov. 18

11/08/2010 6:05 PM |

• Dr. Payaal Mehta will lead a free bariatric seminar, hosted by Peconic Bay Medical Center, from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 18, at East End Hotel Indigo in Riverhead. Dr. Mehta will discuss bariatric surgery and other types of weight-loss procedures and programs.  Prospective patients and family members are encouraged to attend. Reservations are required; call 631-726-2669.
• Flu and pneumococcal vaccines will be administered at Riverhead Free Library on Friday, Nov. 12, 10 a.m.-noon. There’s no fee for participants with Medicare Part B. Those without insurance coverage will be charged $37 for the flu vaccine and $25 for a pneumococcal vaccine, payable by check made out to SCDHS. No cash will be accepted.
• Utopia Home Care is offering a free caregiver training program at its Riverhead office on Tuesday, Nov. 16. The program runs from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with training in ambulating a person using a cane or walker; transferring a patient between bed and a wheelchair and toilet; turning and repositioning patients, skin and incontinent care and use of a bedpan and urinal; and use of a Hoyer lift. Call 369-5500.
• The East End Hospice bereavement care team will present a program for adults and children on coping through the holidays on Friday, Nov. 12, 4-5:30 p.m., at Riverhead Free Library. The adult session will be in the lower-level stage room; the children’s session, for those 5 and older, will be in the children’s room. Call 288-8400.
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  • You would have loved it had it done it on election night. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

  • no jttoooo, we wouldn’t have loved it had he done it before it was mathmatically obvious that he had lost. Dear God, the bs just doesn’t end with this.

  • Hi Sean,
    Just wanted to know if you have always been a kool-aid drinking liberal moron?

  • To the editor:

    The race in New York’s 1st Congressional District has been a nightmare from the start. First, we had to sit through that ugly dogfight going into the Republican primary. I still can’t believe Randy Altschuler won that fight. At least Chris Cox fished here as a kid. At least George Demos summered here. I’ve seen weeds with deeper roots in the district than Mr. Altschuler.

    Then there were all those relentless attack ads, from both sides, and the unending mail, overflowing out of our mailboxes for months. And the lies, the unbelievable, bare-faced lies that came out of Mr. Altschuler’s camp. I thought Election Day would be the end of it all.

    That was over a month ago, and still this nightmare rages on. I can’t understand why. The more ballots are opened, the more votes go to Tim Bishop. The race may be close, but after weeks and weeks of counting, there’s no denying this pattern.

    It’s time for this nightmare to end. Wake up, Randy. You lost. Better luck in your future endeavors.


    Ben Schulties

  • moron’s can’t do simple math and will rant and rave and make everyone miserable instead of acting honorably.

  • Altschuler is hitting a big LOW and if he even tries to run again in 2012 this FALSE accusation of fraud completely blows his chances (along with the over 10,000 American people who’s jobs he sold to Asia- who will start to REALLY speak out in the next two years about Altschuler’s cruel profit driven activities). I am sure he knows this and is desperate to play any game to try and get elected! Randy you are trying to take away the people’s rights. I know several people who’s VALID affidavit votes you challenged and they are quite ANGRY! You also got Fox False News involved in this with their phony Fraud unit- Fox has no credibility and LIES about everything. Altschuler is challenging ALL the affidavit votes from Stony Brook U and has tried to Block TWICE as much votes as Bishop. This election is clearly over, yet it proves the selfish ambition of Altschuler. This will be made CLEAR if he attempts to run again.