Video: Riverhead Recreation hosts Pet Parade

11/14/2010 2:36 PM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO Cathy Springer of Aquebogue walks with her dog Neptune, 6, and donkey Lil E Putian, 3, in the Pet Parade held at Stotzky Park Saturday.

Riverhead Recreation hosted its first Pet Parade at Stotzky Park Saturday. About two dozen dogs, a cat and even a donkey marched around the park and competed for best costume, best trick, best owner/pet look-alike and most unusual pet. Prizes were donated by Riverhead Animal Hospital and there was free on-site micro-chipping courtesy of East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty.

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  • Our tax dollars at work (Riverhead Recreation).

  • Maria Mineo-
    Clearly you do not grasp living in the year 2010. Women, no matter what their profession, are allowed to become pregnant and hold a job. No where does it say that a teacher must be married to have a child. Attempting to compare a professional woman who has chosen to have a child to a child, who obviously has had few choices in her life is absurd.
    Your “rant” against teachers was an embarrassment at best.

  • Bravo Maria Mineo!!!

  • Why, we are “We the People.” We are tired of hearing twisted news.
    Twisted news? Like Fox reporting about the supposed 200 million a day presidential trip? Oh yes, no twisted news on Fox, LOL!

  • All of use sole providers and independent contractors are choking along with you MaryAnn! Paying for 100% of our health care PLUS the benefits of those at the public trough! Stand up and say it!

  • The “rant” against Maria Mineo by SusU2
    is not only embarrassing it is nonsense.
    Kids deserve parents, not only one parent.
    If we don’t compare parents and teachers
    to children then children have no role models.
    It takes a village to raise a child and
    not everyone is capable of good parenting.