Real Estate Transfers

11/21/2010 9:32 PM |

Editor’s note: Listings prepared for Times/Review Newspapers by Suffolk Research Service, dated Oct. 5-10, 2010.
Baiting Hollow (11933)
• Whitford Development to Reinhardt Jr, Douglas, 50 Alfred Ave (600-79-1-7.19), (R), $430,783
• Sokolski, S & C to Lewin, Erick, 60 Southfield Rd (600-79-1-15.23), (R), $400,000
Calverton (11933)
• BAC Home Loans Srvc to Ross, Tracy, 59 Eastmeadow Rd (600-80-1-2.1), (R), $369,666
Flanders (11901)
• Brink, D & S to Napolitano, Joseph, 787 Pleasure Dr (900-199-3-4), (R), $416,500
Greenport (11944)
• O’Connor, J & J to Licata, Joseph, 435 Calebs Way (1000-40.1-1-52), (R), $280,000
New Suffolk (11956)
• Blackley, J & K to Kuhne, Robert, 1500 Grathwohl Rd (1000-117-4-5), (R), $686,000
Peconic (11958)
• Droskoski, J by Executors to Peppe, Joseph, 1700 Peconic Ln (1000-75-1-10), (R), $344,000
Riverhead (11901)
• Stoneleigh Woods RH to Conlon, William, 3 Newcastle Ct (600-82.4-1-6), (R), $386,485
• Tan, K & J & K to 32 Nadel Court Corp, 32 Nadel Ct (600-83-2-5), (R), $265,000
• Peconic Vineyards to 177 Old Country Road LLC, 177 Old Country Rd (600-84-4-37.4), (C), $796,000
• Sendlewski, M by Executor to Hill, Keith, 418-42 Lincoln St (600-128-1-12), (R), $227,500
Shelter Island (11964)
• Burstein, D & J to Gimme Shelter Trust, 67 S Menantic Rd (700-22-2-26), (R), $2,000,000
Southold (11971)
• Stickle, R & E to Blackley, James, 415 Harbor Lights Dr (1000-71-2-4), (R), $1,800,000
Wading River (11792)
• Wind, K & S to Montalto, Daniel, 72 High View Dr (600-49-3-8), (R), $402,000
• Fewell, N & P to Lagrassa, Matthew, 133 Farm Rd West (600-57-1-14.32), (R), $375,000
(Key: Tax map numbers = District-Section-Block-Lot; (A) = agriculture; (R) = residential; (V) = vacant property; (C) = commercial; (R&E) = recreation & entertainment; (CS) = community services; (I) = industrial; (PS) = public service; (P) = park land; as determined from assessed values in the current tax rolls.)



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  • I agree, Bill Grigonis for educator of the year

  • business: Marc LaMaina – butta cakes. doing everything possible to run a home-town based business, and revitalize greenport. also donates to many good causes. always supportive of school and village functions.

  • Marc Lamaina-Butta’ Cakes Cupcake factory for Business Person of the year

  • I would nominate Betty Neville for person of the year she has given alot of service to the town for many years thank you Mrs Tuthill

  • overall: John Ramirez, La Capricciosa Brick Oven Pizzeria in Greenport – Supports all local functions, donates his services and time for all good causes (including Relay for Life), – Is a Tiger Scouts Leader and an all round genuine, caring person.

  • I would like to nominate Mrs. Dempsey as Educator Of The Year. I have two children that were born one year apart. During their elementary school years, up until the sixth grade, they never had the same teacher, which was a good thing. They’re both so different, I never wanted them to be compared. My daughter had Jean first and then my son the following year. I’ll never forget going to Open House for my son, it was only a few days after school started, Mrs. Dempsey looked me in the eye and laughed. I knew then that she had already recognized that it was going to be a completely different experience with this Buono then it was the previous year. She had already recognized my son’s personality, claiming that “Chris needs to learn that the world isn’t according to Chris.” I left the class thinking, “I love this teacher.” Sixth grade was the best year for both my children. My timid daughter blossomed into a more confident and less shy student, and my son became more accepting of what he didn’t know.
    If all educators were like Mrs. Dempsey, our country would still be one of the strongest countries in the world in academics. Children are accepted for who they are, they are motivated, they learn, they enjoy humor, yet they respect her, and know that there is no messing around with her. What more could we ask for as parents???
    There is no doubt in my mind that if anyone deserves “Educator Of The Year,” it’s Mrs. Dempsey.

  • I would say Why stop there? Bill should be considered for person of the year. He leads by example every day in all walks of life. I could not think of a more fitting tribute.