Roanoke Avenue school reopened Tuesday

11/29/2010 11:53 PM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Roanoke Avenue Elementary was closed this morning due to a faulty boiler

The Roanoke Avenue elementary school in Riverhead reopened Tuesday. The school was closed Monday due to boiler problems.

School officials were forced to make the decision to call off classes Sunday night, after it became apparent the boiler would not be fixed — and the school would not be heated — in time for the start of the week, said Sandra Kolbo, a spokeswoman for the Riverhead School District.

Staff members were required to report to Roanoke, she said. Officials did not suspect the faulty boiler posed any danger to students.

It has not yet been determined how the students, grades K through 4, will make up for the lost day.



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  • How about treating 18 year-old like adults and letting them make their own choices. Creating a law removes the decision-making from consumers and producers. I think they should have the choice. As well, retailers should not be the enforcement agents for overbearing politicians. This stupid restriction and Steve Levy’s proposal to force large retailers to close on Thanksgiving makes clear Suffolk politicians want to make sheep out of Suffolk residents.

  • So let’s recap… Patterson has used his gubernatorial powers to:

    A.) Intimidate the victim of a violent crime into not testifying against his aide.

    B.) Release a killer who got a light sentance to begin with.

    Thus concludes the sad chapter of David Patterson as NY Governor.

  • Justice was served. He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. His only mistake was moving into a white trash town. I grew up in Miller Place and graduated in 83, and it was white trash then and it still is.

    And you all know [email protected] well if a white guy shot a black kid, he never would have been convicted.

  • I’m from NJ and was just lauding our Governor for commuting a man’s sentence who was serving 7 years in prison and his guns were LEGAL and he did NOT kill another human being.

    This is not justice. This man KILLED another person. He could have made other choices but he didn’t. He chose to go outside and shoot an illegal firearm.

    Sounds like Paterson is trying to gain some brownie points. This is a disgrace!

  • And it’s because of people like YOU that there can and will NEVER be racial harmony. You are hateful person that has to drag race into everything. You are part of the problem. This man got a light sentence for taking another person’s life. He could have made other choices but he chose to kill a person. If Miller Place is trash now it’s because people like and this killer moved there!

  • I agree with a (father of 4 sons).I could not put it any better than you did.

  • I didn’t bring race into it, the Cicciaro kid did when he was outside the White’s house calling the n_ggers.

  • I lived in Miller Place for several years and still live nearby. It is a lovely, quiet, middle class suburb. People of many backgrounds, religions, and races live there. The teenagers had no buisness being outside anyone’s home with the purpose of making racial slurs.
    Had this been black teenagers outside a white person’s home engaged in the same inappropriate behavior, the general public opinion would have been far different.
    Lives on all sides have been ruined. Let it rest.

  • 17 year olds should show up at someone houe with a car load of friends looking to do harm. A man’s hose is supposed to be his castle and he should have a right to defend it.

    It is sad that the youth lost his life but this case is about a man protecting his family. Noone has the right to come on someone’s property shouting racial slurs looking to do damage. The very reason why they were there was a vicious rumor that turned out to be a lie.

    There are no winners here. The Cicciaros have lost a son and I’m sure that Mr White will be reminded by the hate for him stemming from the events of that evening. I only wish that he was pardoned…

  • no truth to what you just said that if it was a white kid that shot a black kid that the white kid never would have been convicted. If a white man shot a young black – there would have been rioting in NY state until the white man was convicted and sentenced to a minimum or five years with no pardon or release with time served as is the case with Mr. White. Reverend Al would have made sure of that. The poor excuse that we have for a governor showed his true racial colors today by his actions

  • It might not be justice, but Mr Cirriaro should never had went to Mr.White home and once the Father came to his son’s defense, they should have left. If Mr. Cirriaro was taught how to respect an adult figure at his own home then we wouldn’t be having this discussion. You say your a father of 4 sons, you wouldn’t protect your son if a mob of teenagers showed up at your home wanting to beat him up. Put yourself in Mr. White shoes. I don’t agree with what he did but if your sons come to my house to beat up my son, i will protect him by any means necessary.

  • This was a tragedy for all parties and their lives will never be the same. Mr. White should have stayed inside and called the police, but he didn’t for reasons he believed were correct.
    Those underaged boys were drinking and driving, out to do harm. They showed no respect for the law or for the White family. They were filled with hate and ready to beat up the White boy over a lie that some girl told them. This was the excuse they seemed to have needed to beat up an African American boy.
    The disgusting language they used showed their bigotry and hatred. The Cicciaro parents used the same type of bigotry when Mr. White was arrested and on trial. They were out of control, screaming and cursing. Maybe if they had raised their son to be a kinder person who also didn’t go out and get drunk and drive around in a car in the middle of the night, trying to beat up another boy and threatening the boy’s father, he would st ill be alive. They were all out for trouble that night, and unfortunately, it ended tragically, but it was still they who caused the problem.
    My White seems to have shown himself to be a gentleman, no screaming and cursing and name calling coming from him or his family. I wish them peace and an opportunity to put this terrible tragedy behind them.

  • Miller Place=Howard Beach

    Looks like the Rodeos gonna be comin’ to town.

  • If my son came home telling me people were out to kill him and are outside, I will do ANYTHING. Read the story… he didnt shoot him.. the gun went off. I am sure everyone has their opinions on that one but I wasnt there… were you ? If I were John… I would def move though. Leave it behind him. As for the Cicaro ( spelling ? ) family…I am sure this is tearing their hearts out. If MY son were killed and the man who put him in the ground was pardoned… I would want to do something. So. yes.. I may have just contradicted myself somewhat… but I am looking at BOTH sides. Either way… I wish both families nothing but peace. Happy Holidays

  • So glad you no longer live in Miller Place. You’re pathetic, and stupid.

  • And so marks the end of New Yorks worst governors tenure.I followed this case and was appalled
    by the verdict then,and my opinion hasnt changed since.And as for Mr.White,this isnt a threat merely
    an feeling that he would be wise to move out of Miller Place ASAP.
    What does shortening his sentence do for the community at large,if only to reignite this trajedy all over again?Was it so Mr White,a blackman could be home for Christmas and everyone could go and nice?While the Cicciaros will forever have a son missing the holiday,unless you count the hole in every family members heart.Shame on you Mr Patterson.

  • The Cirriaro family needs better compassion from the community than this! There seems to be overplay on racial issues and swaying away from justice. They lost a son. A young man who knows little of life and consequence. Today, at 17, children are far from mature and “peer pressures” can cause them to go astray. Mr. White is the Father of a “peer aged” son who was a friend of these kids. A young and immature lady played a prank and created a dangerous environment. Illegal dispensation of alcohol to minors and an illegal gun were mixed into the time bomb!

    The maturity of kids vs the maturity of an adult in decision making:

    1. The allegation of an intended rape, had the kids been “mature,” might have been reported to police rather than reacting. Of course alcohol added to the impediment of rationality.

    2. A mature adult and “good citizen” does not own an illegal gun. Even NRA members do not promote owning illegal guns, they lobby to support the right to own legal guns. A police officer, when in jeopardy pulls his gun, does not aim to kill, but to disable. That’s even the case of an armed oponent! They do not aim at the head!

    Justice is logic. Mr. White is 57 years old. He has lived more than three times longer than the young man he killed and did so by coming out of his house upon “1st appraisal” of the confrontation with “the decision on how he would handle the problem” in his hand…. LOADED, SAFETY OFF, READY TO SHOOT!

    His claim of “accidentally going off” has no merit! If the safety was on, that could not have happened. His approach was with intent to use it.

    The Cirriaro boy, the claimed gang of kids, even drunk, I am sure would have:

    1. Scattered and run just at the sight of a gun.
    2. Scattered and run at a gun shot into the air as a warning.
    3. Scattered and run if he shot the boy in the leg.
    4. Scattered and run if he yelled out the door, “The police are on their way!”

    The hate crime was an adult holding a child responsible with his life at age 17 for the bad judgement of a 57 yr old man who hated him equally enough to take his life for his aledged hate.

    Who should have known better? OUR “THANK OUR LUCKY STARS” NO LONGER TO BE GOVERNOR: Mr. Paterson

  • I certainly would protect my son….. However I would do it the way LAW ABIDING citizens do. I would have called 911 and got one of our highly trained Suffolk County Police officers to my house.
    I being a LAW ABIDING citizen would not have owned a ILLEGAL HANDGUN.You seem to forget that Mr White broke THE LAW by processing such a weapon. We have laws for a reason, and we have a highly trained police force for a reason. Mr White used his ILLEGAL HANDGUN in the commission of a felony….He should have received a minimum of 10 years. Instead he was given a lenient sentence and then had the sentence commuted….Why do we bother to have laws, judges and jury’s? This is a TRAVESTY of justice……Mr White is a criminal, he BELONGS behind bars and away from LAW ABIDING people.
    How nice that Mr White is home with his family for Christmas after serving less than 6 months of a 2 year sentence.
    Is it fair that the Cicciaro family can only spend Christmas with their son when visiting the cemetery? Mr White took all their Christmas’s away….

  • Poppycock doesn'[t seem to remember the details of this case. Mr. White was a hard working man with a gentle nature . It was the teenaged boys who were behaving badly – drunk, driving around (could have killed someone) cursing, using vile language and on the property of Mr. White and threatening to beat up his son. These white boys were looking for trouble. Maybe Mr. White thought he coud scare them away with the gun, and that would be the end of it. The Cicciaro boy was so blinded by hate that he tried to get the gun away. Like “guest” above said, they were looking for trouble and it ended tragically for everyone.
    Parents, teach your children to respect others and maybe these things won’t happen.

  • who the hell is Cirriaro???

  • Absolutely ridiculous…We live in a society that has laws and without proper justice society will breakdown.
    This is truly a tragedy, both for the dead boys family as well as the White family. But you must be responsible for your actions, weather in a car, with a gun, or your behavior.
    The facts are that the boys raced over to protect a young lady which turned out to be false rumor. These boys went to school together for 10 years without an incident or fight. Mr. White could have chosen a few different courses of action but he chose the weapon. No one other than with words touched him or approached him, but he chose to take matters into his own hands and then claim self defense and of course the Race Card.
    All ExGov. Patterson did is create a greater racial divide than before by commuting his sentence. The Gov. was a poor leader, and was influenced by people who want to keep the racial divide going because it gives them some sort of existence. There will be no healing because its the justice system that helps us heal and with out it you feel betrayed. He already had a silly 2 to 4 year sentence to begin with. There are more people in jail for far less with far longer sentences for crimes that didn’t even effect other families or communities.
    We are all victims if we except this sort of behavior from our leaders.
    Remember, you must always be objective when trying to understand any situation.

  • To “Poppycock”:

    John White was not on welfare- he was a hard-working person who invested a lot in a home in Miller Place. He wanted to take advantage of the good schools and the beauty of Long Island. He had just as much right to do that as you or I or anybody else does.

    The race issue was brought to his doorstep- if you want to talk about “race”-which is a useless distinction anyway. You talk about black people acting like animals, but the difference between an animal and a person is that a person uses reason, or the capacity to think- something that neither you nor those boys seem to know anything about, given your comments.

    Jerry Seinfeld called Long Island, his home, “the real Alabama”. Isn’t it embarrassing that in this day and age Long Islanders are still cultivating racial strife and outrage, despite all our opportunities for education? This is the real tragedy.

  • To Stronger Island… Your quote….”.but the difference between an animal and a person is that a person uses reason, or the capacity to think” Do you think it was resonable to point a loaded,illegal handgun at a teenagers head? When given the choice of calling 911 or running out into the street with a loaded gun do you think John White used his capacity to think? John White committed a criminal act….FACT
    He was found guilty by a jury of his peers….FACT
    He was sentenced ( the bare minimum) to a minimum of 2 years…FACT
    He was let out after less than 6 months…FACT
    Should the new incoming governor release every person convicted and sentenced to a illegal handgun charge?
    Governor Patterson has already established that precedent.

  • Well, thankfully, I don’t live in the “People’s Republic of New Yawk”, where any (brainwashed) citizen who doesn’t bow down to the government is accused of having an “illegal handgun” (oh, the shock & horror of it all!!!), if the state/city government hasn’t given him permission to exercise his Constitutional rights. “Nanny, may I?” should be placed on the flags of both California and New Yawk, IMO.

    Where I live now, per capita gun ownership easily dwarfs that of New York, yet the violent crime rate here is a fraction of what it is there. Kids here can still walk around without their parents worrying if they’re going to get shot in a drive-by (“what’s a ‘drive-by’?” is what most people here would ask) or kidnapped by some perv. And… AND… the *intelligent* parents of the *intelligent* children don’t worry that their kids would get duped into going off on a mission to save the (make believe) virtue of some skank, about whom there was a fake story that she was about to be raped by a Neeegro. But now, we have some stupid parents with stupid kids too. They do tend to reproduce the most, no? Yeah, not the dumb ones, they wind up laying inside chalk lines, just like this Danny Cicciaro kid. Nature also has a way of weeding out the “not so smart” animals. Deer that run too close to the lions, like this poor, dumb kid, they also don’t live very long. As some of you folks in Gotham probably say, “Ehhhh, whadaya gonna do ’bout it? Fuggetaboutit.”

    Hmm, you people do seem to have lots of problems up there. I’ve followed this story for several months and I would say that people with John White’s sense of family and duty are part of your solution, not part of your problem. A working man with a job and a home, whose kid is not out trying to stir up trouble in the middle of the night. Hey, if I subdivide this land, I’d be happy to have him buy a house from me and live in my area.

    Best course of action for you New Yawk folks, if it all becomes too much for you, best to just look up at the nearest government building and ask, “Nanny, may I?” You’ll be OK.

  • You probably have the most reasonable, sensible post in this entire thread that I’ve seen so far (and I’m nearly tired of reading this foolishness now).

    As much as I’ve poked fun at some of the race baiters, gun grabbing lefties and “only when the sun is out”/faux conservatives on here, I do have to take your post seriously. Yes, it is a sad thing for both families. It really is. And I don’t think it’s that you’ve really contradicted yourself. You’re simply stating a fact: a parent is always going to side with their child, whether they’re right or wrong. Jesse James mother thought of her boy as a fine person, long after others (who weren’t taken in by the romantic myths covering the truth) knew different. Even John Dillinger’s dad thought his murdering off-spring was the salt of the Earth as he lay cold & stiff on that slab with a policeman’s bullet in him.

    The Cicciaro’s son did something that was INCREDIBLY stupid… and it got him killed. But they’re going to mourn for and support that boy, no matter what… as parents do. And John White did what I would do, and what many other fathers would do: face down ANYBODY who would even think that they’d do harm to my son or my family! Go slap the devil’s mother and then come bak here with your plan to harm a family member of mine. Ol’ Scratch will be easier on you than I will be.

    But to follow on yours, truly the best post I have read on this topic here, I also wish peace and better days ahead for both of these families in this tragic time.

    And unless some wise apple catches my attention at a later date, with that, I believe I am done. Merry Christmas to all. And to all, a good night.

  • Oh my, he had one of those “E-legal firearms”, you say? O_M_G! Did you hear me? O_M_G!!!! That sounds so mysterious and daaaangerous!!! I think I got the vapors just sayin’ it! *swoon* What was this horrible, E-legal weapon, anyway???

    Was it an H&K MP-5 machine pistol hot off the boat from Germany? An Uzi carbine smuggled in from Israel? A Russian AK-74 he bought from some of the former Soviet lads over in Brighton Beach? No? None of those? Well then, what was it? It must have been something really big, bad, mean and like totally “O_M_G terrible”, right? What?! A .32 Beretta popgun that he inherited from his grandfather? Uh, nah… seriously. Come on… you must be ####in’ me! There’s no punch line to follow??? This is what you people run around worrying about? Geez, that explains a lot, I guess.

    Whew! Well, I’m just glad Canada is the only thing we have to worry about to the north. If it was Mexico, you fellers might as well just kick back, listen to your Liza Minnelli CD’s and learn to speak Spanish while biting that pillow.

  • Not sure. Could be a typo of “Cicciaro”, or it might be he word that means “dead, dummy” in Italian. At my grandfather’s urging, I took it in college and used to be fluent. But it’s been too long for me to remember.

  • If John White was a white cop he would have been railroaded through two ridiculous show trials. If the left wing New York establishment couldn’t achieve a conviction in the 1st, they would change him with violating the victims civil rights (even if it wasn’t relevant to the case). In this case only a white kid was murdered in cold blood so the media barely even covered it. There wasn’t any riots or race baiters in the streets so the murderer walks free. Maybe Obama can appoint him to a job in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

  • What a joke!! All the black leaders, including Al Sharpton, talk about injustice and Mr. White being a hard working, righteous man. He was quiet and gentle…….. yada, yada, yada. Why is it that everytime a black punk gets killed and a white cop is involved, the cops are not given the same benefit by blacks??? Instead, it’s always “open season on black men”. Lets riot and call for his head!! What about them being decent people in a situation not of their making!!! You racists make me sick

  • The bottom line is that this was an unfortunate circumstance. Period. The boy & his friends were punks for showing up at someone’s house looking to fight. Mr. White was an idiot for walking outside with an illegal firearm & fatally shooting a punk 17 yr old, instead of locking his family inside & calling 911. One would expect a better handling of the situation from a grown man.

    HOWEVER, race DOES NOT have anything to do with the handling of this case. Aside from the punks blurting out a few racial slurs that night, can anyone say this all would have been handled differently if it was a black kid showing up at a white family’s house? How about a white kid showing up at another white family’s house? Or a black kid showing up at another black family’s house? The results would be the same: A bunch of punks show up at someone’s home looking to fight & one gets shot & killed by a grown man who didn’t handle the situation correctly…. Everyone is always so fast to make it about race. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  • Hardworking? OK, I’ll but that, but “gentle nature?” You’re kidding me right? Gentle people call 911 before they pass a shotgun to a son and grab a pistol for themselves and advance down the driveway to a small pack of drunken, unarmed, teenage hooligans! Gentle people don’t keep an illegal handgun along with 50 rounds of illegally obtained ammo in their night table. Any truly gentle person would have had the presence of mind to dial 911 before they advanced down the driveway like Rambo. Really truly people would have dialed 911 and sat in their house with their pistol and shotgun and waited for the police. I think Mr. White is a hardworking but hard man, you have to be mad dog crazy to shoot somebody directly in the face at a distance of 3 inches. The fact that Mr. White advanced down the driveway to confront the hooligans by sticking a loaded pistol in their faces makes me believe that instead of defending himself he became the aggressor and I haven’t yet mentioned his son standing behind him with a shotgun. The four unarmed hooligans never stood a chance and Mr. White’s family was never in any imminent danger whatsoever! If anybody was in a world of danger it was the drunken hooligans that got more then they expected from “gentle” Mr. White. Mr. White could have also kneecapped one of those boys instead of executing one of them! I think kneecapping the ring leader would have convinced the rest that they where hopelessly outgunned. Moral of the story; the next time a small group of drunken, teenage hooligans is menacing you verbally from the apron of your driveway, don’t bother calling 911. Just do what “gentle” Mr. White did, grab your guns and advance down the driveway and shoot one of them execution style in the face at 3 inches! What a load of bullshit, you’re totally unfit to teach children anything!

  • Are you kidding me? If a White homeowner had shot an unarmed Black hooligan who was verbally menacing him from the end of his driveway all hell would have been unleashed by Black activists. The charge would have most assuredly not have been manslaughter but murder second degree and he would be rotting in jail for a good long time! Don’t get me wrong, those white miscreants where looking for trouble but they deserved to have been arrested for menacing not executed by being shot in the face from a mere 3 inches! If Mr. White had the same amount of presence of mind to dial 911 as he did for grabbing firearms for him and his son I might consider a kneecapping justified given the circumstances but not calling 911 and executing the hooligan right there at the edge of the driveway was a bit excessive! Somebody needs to tell these people that there is such a thing as excessive force. I don’t buy for one thin second the notion that Mr. Whites family was in grave danger, in my opinion the hooligans where the ones in imminent danger! Any properly thinking person would have at the very least called the police before charging down the driveway like Rambo. The manslaughter charge and the 3 years prison and the criminal record are all absolutely justified for Mr. White!

  • You’re a nut plain and simple, you really think that Mr. White was a “good shot” because he was able to shoot somebody in the face at a distance of 3 inches? Tell me something Wambo, at 3 inches how the fucking hell could you expect him to miss? 4 drunken teenage hooligans shouting obscenities from the apron of your driveway is not an excuse to shoot one of them execution style especially without taking an extra 10 seconds to dial 911 first! Considering the fact that the hooligans where of the unarmed variety and stationary at a good distance down at the end of the driveway, don’t you think that this was a police matter? Tell me something douchebag, are you going to execute every miscreant that verbally menaces you? The problem is that Mr. White had a real gun that shot real bullets in a not so real situation of danger. I think he’s a coward of the highest order and so are you for supporting him! I believe in the Second Amendment but you’re a fucking nut job. You’re really not going to further the righteous message of the NRA by spouting off your violent rhetoric and they would most assuredly be ashamed of your post. You shouldn’t use their name as your internet handle if you’re going to promote shooting every unarmed miscreant you come across in life! When Mr. White and his shotgun totting son advanced down that driveway they became the hunters not the hunted, Mr. White was the real aggressor! What he did is a piss poor excuse for “self-defense.” You should be ashamed of yourself! I wonder if you’re a real bona fide NRA member or a liberal loser trying to make the organization look bad!

  • Executing somebody by shooting them in the face execution style because they stood at the apron of your driveway and called you a “nigger” is not justice even by the most warped stretch of the imagination. Nobody in Mr. Whites family was injured one bit nor was Mr. White but a teenager who made a poor decision is dead. Considering the fact that Mr. White had a pistol and his son had a shot gun and the hooligans where unarmed leads me to believe that Mr. White’s family was never in any real danger but the hooligans sure where! “Defense” doesn’t advance down the driveway armed and ready, real defense would have stayed in the house, doors locked, guns ready and police on the way! You’re obviously a racist idiot who hates White people and had little common sense!