GOP considers candidates to run for county seat

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12/01/2010 12:17 PM |

As dust settles after Dan Losquadro’s 1st Assembly District win, the list of potential candidates has steadily grown for the Suffolk County legislative seat he will be vacating to go to Albany, according to party leaders.

A special election for the remaining year of Mr. Losquadro’s two-year term as 6th District legislator will take place between 60 to 90 days after he resigns.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 10 Republican candidates had expressed interest in the seat, according to Suffolk GOP chairman John Jay LaValle. They include Bill Forrester, a retired New York City police officer from Miller Place. Unlike the other prospects, he has already put up campaign signs along Route 25A.

Mr. Forrester’s move is unusual because there are no primary races in a special election. It’s the party leaders — not the party’s registered voters — who ultimately choose the candidates.

“When I first saw his signs I smiled,” Mr. LaValle said. “We’re very encouraged about the outpouring of interest and it just shows how the Republican party is growing stronger everyday.”

While Mr. Forrester’s early move is uncommon, Suffolk Democratic chairman Rich Schaffer said the move shows Mr. Forrester wants “strong consideration.”

“I think he’s doing it to make a point to the party people,” Mr. Schaffer said. “It got a buzz going on him, which was smart.”

Along with Mr. Forrester, the list for potential Republican candidates who have either expressed an interest — or been mentioned as prospects — include:

• Jane Bonner, Brookhaven Town councilwoman.
• Lori Murphy, Ms. Bonner’s aide.
• Tony Gallino, Brookhaven Town public safety commissioner.
• Marty Haley, Brookhaven Town Building commissioner.
• Kevin McCarrick, former Brookhaven Town councilman.
• Karen Wilutis, former Brookhaven Town attorney.
• Raymond Negron, former prosecutor for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.
• Marty Callahan, a Miller Place resident and local insurance businessman.
• Jonathan Abrams, manager at Medford-based Gershow Recycling Corp.

Asked about his former aid’s possible candidacy, Mr. Losquadro said he believed Ms. Bonner would be qualified. “When it comes to Jane, I think she’s a great town representative and I think she’d be a fantastic legislator, if she decided to pursue it and got the nomination,” he said.

Mr. Schaffer said while there have been no official discussions within his party about the special election, Democrat Marc Alessi, who recently lost his 1st assembly district seat to Mr. Losquadro, has come up in informal conversations. He’d be “a strong candidate,” Mr. Schaffer said.

Also mentioned for the race among Democrats, according to Mr. Schaffer, is Jennifer Maetz, a Rocky Point resident who ran unsuccessfully this year for state senate, and Shoreham resident Bryan Lilly, who was Mr. Losquadro’s challenger in the past two elections.

Formal discussions will most likely begin in the next couple of weeks, he added.

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  • Pilot Laurie, Flower Girl and Taxation Without Service, What planet do you live on?
    If you do not understand why we need to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle,
    then there is little hope that you will understand how we can
    Rethink, Rebuy, Recover and Replenish our Revenue without Raising taxes.

  • You just don’t know what going on already.

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  • Flower Girl, That is a very uneducated statement you have made… re-read the artical! It is not about other local carters it is about the enviorment as well as the town revenu. I am not saying that your shinny new garbage can is not wonderful or that the garbegmen are not nice guys, I am saying that what they are doing is not only illegal but it is morally irreprehensible. Do you have children? I do and I would like to see the enviorment safe for her!

  • I am just wondering is this about the garbage at all or the fact that a small one man show has started his own garbage business and the bigger companies don’t like the competition?

  • Anonymous for ? > I am the loud mouth competition, and I am going to make up stories.
    What proof do you have of that. if you were not a slanderous person trying to protect your turf. You would realize no one would be so foolish. They would be out of business in a flash. It says in there add all the trash is transported to a New York State & D E C approved recycling facility.When I called they said the trucks are Eco friendly and brand new and they just wanted to serve there customers well. My wife says we should change over and after reading some of this I am considering It.

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  • No one is badmouthing anyone, and the competition would be fair if the new company played by the same rules. The local companies can also break the law and offer the same service – is that what we really want them to do? As for a ‘racket’, that might be the case if the Town had tough rules on carters, but out-of-town companies have been operating within the Town without restriction for over 20 years. In the end, the ‘principle’ being protected is nothing but short-term savings at the expnse of compliance with the law and environmental protection.

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