Riverhead: Breakfast with Santa at North Shore Christian Church Dec. 11

12/08/2010 8:34 AM |

Congratulations to Donna and Joe Goss, who currently live in Baldwinsville, N.Y., on the birth of their twins Nicholas and Allison on Oct.22. Grandparents Jerry and Marilyn Brown of Riverhead are thrilled with the new additions to their family, which now totals seven grandchildren.

North Shore Christian Church on Kroemer Avenue invites the community to a pancake breakfast with Santa Claus on Saturday, Dec. 11, from 9 a.m. to noon. Admission is free. Bring a couple of nonperishable food items, which will be given to the Riverhead Salvation Army. Have a great time and don’t forget your camera.

The children’s department at Riverhead Free Library is proud of its “We Have the TumbleBook Library.” TumbleBooks are an online collection of early readers, read-along classics, chapter books, large-print classics and picture books created by adding animation, sound and narration to existing books. The TumbleBook Library collection is accessible online from library computers with an Internet connection, or from home through a direct link on the library’s website. Go to riverheadlibrary.org, click on Children, then Downloadable, and then TumbleBooks.
Happy birthday to Carol Carey, Charlie McCabe and Brenna Zurek (who turns 13) on Dec. 9; Jim Creighton, Terri Davis, Christine Mapes, Kerin Collins, David Koroleski and Ginger Duvall, Dec. 10; Barbara O’Kula, Skylar Wicklund (who turns 7) and Brian Densieski, Dec. 11; Howie Gassert, Russell Nash, Rachel Grathwhol and Scott Tocci, Dec. 12; Kerry Saladino, Lee Hubbard, Kathryn Berezny and Michael Partridge, Dec. 14; Michael Frosina (who turns 15; with love from Mom, Dad, aunts Madeline and Irene, Grace and Jason) and Matthew Atkins, Dec. 15. Be sure to celebrate.
A holiday open house will be held on Saturday, Dec. 11, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Riverhead Senior Center. There will be lots of games, crafts, jolly St. Nick and some surprises. Have your picture taken with Santa from 11 to 11:45 a.m. Registration not required. Admission is donation of a nonperishable food item.
Take some time to drop a note card to our servicemen and -women or to those who are shut-ins. Do consider helping those less fortunate with a food gift basket or a gift card for groceries. Remember it is the time for giving and that is the best gift of all.
Only 16 more days till Christmas.



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  • WOW!! A flip flop on the use of consultants by the “new” board members! WOW! With the behavior of this board and it’s leadership, who would want to (apply) touch SWR with a 10 foot pole. Just sayin’?

  • I’m not sure that a national consulting firm with “broader perspective and greater access to candidates” is really what this district needs. The needs of Long Island school districts, in relation to State Aid issues, not to mention the unique issues of Shoreham/Wading River are not things that are easily understood by current superintendents from other parts of the country. I think hiring an outside firm is a mistake in so many ways. And it’s true – who in their right mind would want to take this job in this district. Oh, maybe someone from California. Maybe they’ve never read anything about us…

  • Agreed Nicole. If we are choosing a Captain to lead this fleet through the land mines of NY State Education system- SWR being one of the most unique therein, doesn’t make much sense to take someone who doesn’t know the waters. They may have a nifty little certificate that says they will be able to read the instrument panel….but pretty irrefutable that we’d be in better hands with an experienced Captain. Can’t afford a learning curve here. No reason we can’t bring on a top notch First Mate with lots of potential, and let him/her serve along side an experienced guide. At this rate I fear we will be on Gilligan’s Island soon.

  • They did state on Tuesday night that theyare still going to consider Dr. Copel for the super position! Don’t consider her, KEEP HER!!!! How much money can 4 board members spend??

  • At the moment, we have almost no experienced mates on this ship. When we lose this captain, we lose all our expertise. Ugh. What a mess.

  • At the moment, we have almost no experienced mates on this ship. When we lose this captain, we lose all our expertise. Ugh. What a mess.

  • I don’t agree with hiring a firm that has “broader perspective and greater access to candidates” either. If this has to be done, it should be done with the intent to find someone who understands the culture of our children and our schools along with understanding the challenges we face with state aid. We don’t need someone from another state that is not knowledgeable about the happenings here on Long Island and in our district. How is it possible (in a district where money is scarce) that the board of education finds the money to hire an outside firm instead of using BOCES? What we really need is to be realistic! How many other districts are searching for a superintendent? How many other districts have interim superintendents already? The Three Village CSD has had years without a consistent, strong leader and the lack of that leadership is felt throughout the district and community. The reason Three Village is in that mess is because years ago they made the mistake of hiring a superintendent from Ohio. Is that what we want for our children?