Support given for acquisition of Northville preserve

12/08/2010 8:02 AM |

There was no opposition and much support for a proposal to have Riverhead Town contribute $500,000 toward the acquisition of the 311-acre North Fork Preserve property south of Sound Shore Road in Northville during a public hearing Tuesday.

The town would contribute 10 percent of the cost of acquiring a 90-acre section of the property that will be used for active recreation, with the rest of the purchase price, for the entire 311 acres, coming from Suffolk County. Officials have not publicly disclosed the overall price yet, but if the cost-per-acre for the entire property is the same as that of the 90 acres it would come to about $17 million.

The town’s $500,000 will come from Community Preservation Fund money, Mr. Walter said.

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  • Let’s get it done! Riverheaders will appreciate this acquisition, whose time is finally at hand, for generations to come.

    Write and call the Town Board and thank them for their efforts in this critical project.

  • good job, now look west to Evewards Ave. and the 60 acre Beagle Property. It sits unspoiled, and land locks farm properties. Great park area for western Riverhead residents.