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  • Estimate of per diem for interim principal= $400. $600 is what she’s getting.

  • Go Green appears to be a competitor in the trash business in Southold Town, I too received a mailing from the company looking for my business. Since there was no name on the card I called the number and spoke with Frank Fischer of Riverhead his business does make it easier for most people with one container and the cost of yellow bags don’t go down. The real problem as was told to me by Mr. Fischer is that he received a phone call from a Southold Town Official and it appears their concern was not recycling but that Go Green would be interfering with the Town’s revenue stream. So as we all sit in hard times it appears to be about money on both sides.

  • This is in response to both Art Tillman and Denise King who wrote letters above.

    Denise, your property taxes are going up because there are more and more children attending our local schools. In Nassau County tax bills are divided into the categories “general” and “school” but in Suffolk, since we do not do that, it is not known to property owners the portion of their taxes that is for the school. The number of individuals and companies paying property taxes for their homes and commercial properties is not increasing at the same rate as the number of children. One might ask how this happens. I can tell you that on my street there is one house in particular that has a half dozen vehicles parked out front and in the driveway (oddly none of these vehicles have NY State plates) and I count 14 children coming out of that house for the school bus. I will hazard a guess that the house is being rented to those almost two dozen people. I will also assume that the amount of property tax the landlord is paying does not cover all of these children. As a staunch libertarian, and this part is for Mr. Tillman, I know it is not my place to tell the property owner how many people he can pack into that single family dwelling. As long as they are not parking in my driveway, it’s not my business.

  • I don’t know, Dan, I used to live in Northport and we paid for private carting. As for the Transfer Tax, it sure is nice to buy property on forever farmland, isn’t it? People pay a premium for those properties.

  • Denise, the answer is that even though your property’s value has gone down, the money needed to run the schools and towns has not. Therefore, your taxes go up.

  • Hi. In addition to schools and Town, there are fire districts, library districts, etc that constitute a tax bill. Those annual budgets get collected through taxes. The the assessment of your home is the the base of what you pay in relation to others, not in relation to the market value each year.

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    Anyways, good luck with that.

  • nope wilton. didn’t do that. if there is a corresponding entry on my blog then i make the link but i don’t have to set out to do that nor do i.

  • The residents of King Road do not want sidewalks, and for very good reasons. Broadway and Hallock would be fine, also Rocky Point Landing Road, north of the Fire House would be most welcome. Before encouraging your elected officials, talk to the residents of these roads who will be most affected, and who will have to live with this and find out how THEY feel.

  • The reason many Kings Road residents don’t want sidewalks is because they need those 3 parking spaces in front of their house for the tenants in their illegal apartments.

    We should be encouraging people to walk. Sidewalks encourage people to walk.

  • Who cares if King road wants them. Rocky Point needs them and they’ll be going along the main N-S arteries shortly.

    King rd and Downtown needs help.Sidewalks will do wonders for it in terms of safety for our kids, commerce and aesthetics.

    If youre going to continue to draw negative attention, you may want to use this time wisely and get those King rd properties up to code as you figure out where you want your curbcut to go because thankfully your “tenants”wont be parking on your front ” lawn” anymore.

    Now either put in a proper driveway, dont slum out your house …or move.
    Problem solved.

    We will not allow the ignorant minority to hold this town back any longer and were not going to be playing catch up with Sound Beach.

    Rocky Point is a great place to live and getting better as long as we get out of the way and allow it to be all that it can.

    I tip my hat to Bea and the Sound Beach Civic for leading by example.

    North Shore Beach needs to pull its head out of its butt or it will destroy Rocky Point.

  • The Only reason anyone wants sidewalks in RP is strickly for personal gain. Look beyond the initial push for ‘VOTE FOR ME’

  • That is rediculous. Where are all these renters? Most families have two cars because they need them. One for husband, one for wife. If they have adult children living with them who also drive, they need a car too. Many people have 17, 18 or 19 year old kids who need a car to get to work or college just like everyone else.
    Also, if the people in Sound Beach want sidewalks in front of their little commercial district and are getting them – good for them. We have sidewalks in front of our commercial district and that is fine. Now, if people would oly take care of them.

  • Good move.

    The two worst areas in RPSD are The Sound Beach Square and King Rd in Rocky Point.

    Sidewalks will do wonders for it.

  • So put in a proper driveway.

    No your front lawn doesn’t count.

  • You Must be joking , you want to talk giving sidewalks to a neighborhood no less for saftey purposes and improvement ? Lay a strip down Radio Ave in miller place were u have a 2 plus mile strech were cars move at a high speed and there is no where for the kids to ride there bikes or to get some exercise and take a run , without worrying about getting killed. Lets talk about making a good political move and share some of that money over to this end of the Rocky Point School District. As usual the TOB does thing half assed and paved Radio ave this past summer to shut people up ! where additional pavement was layed ontop of existing causing every driveway on entire block to be lower then street . So again TOB if you plan to do a job do it right !if you are going to make improvement be prepared to share it equally throughout.. thats what are high taxes should be put towards..and whatever glory grabing politcal wanna-be from the RP community who wants notary you should fight for all , and not make it look so obvious when you got your dead end street , and your sidewalks…Yea you know who u are!

  • So will getting rid of the illegal tanants that occupy the homes over there!

    just saying!