Riverhead fire commissioner race too close to call; Harrigan wins in Wading River

12/14/2010 3:00 PM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH FILE PHOTO | Riverhead fire headquarters on Roanoake Avenue.

The race for the open commissioner seat in the Riverhead Fire District remains too close to call.

The unofficial election night results — polls closed at 9 p.m. Tuesday — showed John Tradeski Jr. with 328 votes and his rival, James Carey, with 324 votes.

But there were also 14 write-in votes that were not counted in that tally and 11 challenged votes that were also not counted, according the fire district’s secretary, Bob Zaweski.

The write-ins were counted later that night, with Mr. Tradeski picking up three write-in votes and Mr. Carey getting two write-in votes, thus extending Mr. Tradeski’s lead to five votes, 331 to 326.

The other nine write-in votes were blank, Mr. Zaweski said.

Who the challenged voters cast ballots for was not known, he noted.

“We will have to have the county Board of Elections verify that [the voters] were registered,” he said of the challenged votes.

Those votes will be locked in a back room at the commissioners’ office until a meeting at which both candidates could be present with legal representation to go over the challenged votes, he said. That meeting has yet to be scheduled.

Mr. Tradeski and Mr. Carey were both running to fill a five-year term currently held by 20-year incumbent Bill Bilski, who opted not to seek re-election.
Longtime Riverhead firefighter Bill Sanok said 667 total votes cast was good for largest voter turnout he could recall.

The only other contested fire commissioner seat in the area was in the Wading River Fire District, where Mike Harrigan defeated incumbent Matt Wallace by a vote of 131 to 78, officials said.

In Flanders, incumbent Joe Cavaluzzi ran unopposed for a five year-term and David Schasfauer ran unopposed for a two-year term, and both were elected with 28 and 27 votes respectively. Incumbent Bill Thum did not seek re-election.

In Jamesport, incumbent Ed Collins was unopposed and was re-elected with 36 votes.

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  • This is a really interesting one i loved reading it.

  • Haley doesn’t do jack squat in the Building Department so what is he going to do for the people? He has been looking to retire so why won’t he just leave already? Our local Government will continue to be dysfunctional with people like Martin Haley running for Office.

  • That’s MY NEPHEW! You are a ROCK STAR Greg! Boo Yeah!

  • I am pleased to see that Mr. Haley is running. He is a common-sense hardworking manager. As a legislator for seven years he worked hard for local business and our community. He is fiscally conservative and has tried hard to assist those who have sought his help. If the comments below are true, can you explain why the Dems keep appointing him? Maybe, just maybe he does a good job. How terrible, a long time civil servant thinking about retirement at 60…can you imagine? I’m looking to retire-aren’t you? I can assure you that the comments below come from people that either aren’t worried about a 14.3 trillion dollar debt or could not get an illegal apartment rubber stamped.

    I always vote for who I believe is the best candidate, and will be looking at all candidates. If the article is correct and Lilly or Maertz are the other choice-I’m voting for Haley!

    BTW: Just who is Ray Negron? Never heard of him.

  • Will he vacate position at TOB?