Teeny Awards judges needed

12/21/2010 9:32 AM |

East End Arts Council is seeking qualified volunteer judges for the ninth year of the Teeny Awards program, which recognizes individual achievement in local high school productions throughout the year.

Applicants should have a strong theater background.

Judges will anonymously attend high school productions and evaluate students using a tool based on an academic rubric. They will also be invited to attend the gala awards ceremony in June.

Applications can be obtained by e-mailing [email protected]



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  • To summarize my experience w/ [some] TOB politicians and workers, I can honestly say, “Although we’ve hit some snags in the project, they ALL have been very helpful and understanding.” Being an ‘outside’ contractor and used to moving quickly to complete my jobs, I’ve sometimes lost my patience when dealing w/ politics and a bureaucracy I rarely have to deal with. I must bare most of the blame for the aforementioned ‘snags’.

    The GOOD NEWS IS; We’ve overcome those issues and work is now proceeding there @ a rapid pace.

    I sincerely thank the Parks Dept. and all TOB workers who’ve contributed to renovating the Nature Center @ Cedar Beach. I’d like to give special credit to Ed Morris [Comm. of Parks], Tom Owens [Deputy Comm. of Parks], Ed Gregory [Parks Supervisor], Larry ? [Ed G.’s Construction Super], John Turner, Tom Caranno, and his assistant- Janet Hawthorne, who has educated the public in the past and will be continuing to so in the future.” Thank you all.

    TOB workers who have gone above and beyond in the renovation efforts include; Kenny [the electrician], Jimmy, John, and Carlo [the plumbers]. They’ve all had to ‘put up’ w/ me, and so deserve great credit.

    My greatest praise is reserved for Jane Bonner and Lori Murphy. There’s absolutely no way any of this could have occurred w/o their vision, help, and guidance. In my opinion, they are the brightest spots in our local government. Thank You so much, Jane & Lori!.

    Last but certainly not least, my many volunteers- consisting of family, friends, and former strangers who’ve given so freely of their time. They are ready to give much more. They are too numerous to mention individually, but you all know who you are and how deeply I appreciate you help. THANK YOU!!!

  • This is an amazing story, Randy! I never knew you once lived in the Nature Center! Best of luck in fulfilling this dream! -Colleen from the scuba class

  • What an incredible story. So glad that this piece of history wasn’t lost. Randy, you’re a wonderful person for stepping up and making this happen. Congratulations.

  • interesting that the town issued a building permit for a structure to be put on property owned by the town. but then, you’re talking about crookhaven township.

  • Its encouraging to see the lack of vision in one generation.. overcome by the foresight and efforts in another. Thank you for all the efforts on both public & private levels, Ms. Bonner & others & Mr Hagerman & all. Your “home” and its surroundings are enjoyed by my family and I hope that my children may soon enjoy your family’s “new” home and use. Glad that the wounds of old, though not undone, may be healed by some thoughtful stewardship. Mt Sinai Harbor is a gift to us all. Kevin Connolly _ Miller Place resident