Mulitple DWI arrests in Flanders, Riverside

01/02/2011 10:58 AM |

Southampton Town Police reported the arrest of three individuals on drunk driving charges in the Flanders and Riverside area this weekend.

Police said Fernando Quistan, 21, of Riverhead was pulled over on Old Riverhead Road in Riverside about 1 a.m. Saturday after he was observed tailgaiting and weaving in and out of the roadway. Upon further investigation, police determined that Mr. Quistan was drunk. He was charged with DWI and later released on $250 bail.

Later that night, police pulled over Tina Nash, 39, of Riverhead on County Road 105 in Flanders for driving without headlights on. Ms. Nash was also found to be intoxicated, police said. She was charged with DWI about 1:40 a.m. and was taken to the Suffolk County Jail in lieu of $200 bail.

On Sunday, Santiago Garcia, 27, of Flanders was also arrested for driving drunk, police said. Mr. Garcia was pulled over on Flanders Road in Flanders about 2 a.m for several traffic violations, according to police. Police said that not only was Mr. Garcia driving drunk, his license had been revoked due to a prior DWI conviction. He was charged with felony DWI and first-degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. He was scheduled to appear today in Southampton Town Justice Court.



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  • illegals are they ?

  • 2 of them are illegals, and both are unlicensed, though it seems to be the News Review’s policy to no longer mention unlincensed and uninsured, since that might imply they are in the country illegally, and we can’t have that.

    Hey News Review, how about an article about the huge numbers of unlicensed, uninsured illegal immigrants that are driving drunk on our roads out of all proportion to their policies? Don’t you have any integrity?

    Anyone who keeps up with the news can see what’s going on, but our “noble” press has decided to gag themselves on this criminality in the name of political correctness and “sensitivity”.

    Just wait until some white kid hits a brown kid in a fight. The News Review will do a 12 issue series on the terrible magnitude of hate crimes in our are.

  • Typo correction “policies” should have been “population”

  • “The media’s attempt to broad brush and demonize tea party and conservative groups as well as individuals only illustrates their lack of respect, honesty and integrity for the American people and, more important, those who lost their lives and the wounded.”

    This would be funny, if it weren’t so tragic. This is just the kind of fictitious, politically-paranoid rant that some experts say can trigger delusional individuals, as Mr. Loughner may be, to become violent toward those they are led to believe are oppressing them. From this letter it appears that at least some leaders of the tea party movement haven’t yet learned that it’s possible to disagree politically without demonizing their opponents — such as accusing them of being closet socialists or Marxists; or that the media, when reporting on what may be the less-savory aspects of their movement, are neither taking sides in the political debate, nor illustrating “their lack of respect, honesty and integrity for the American people” or anyone else.

    The constant stream of invective and falsehoods (such as the continuing fairy-tale of death panels) that spews from right-wing radio and television commentators and political personalities (and yes, matched by some on the left, though certainly nowhere near the volume of that from the right) may have had nothing directly to do with motivating an apparently troubled young man to undertake his heinous deeds in Tucson — but then again, it might. In either case, exploring the question is the obligation of the media and the very opposite of showing disrespect to the victims or the American people in general.

  • Well said Eric and Cinclow20.

    I mourn the victims and am grateful to the heroes. I will donate to causes working to prevent future terrorist incidents. There are 3 high priority issues.

    #1. The solution is related to the cause. America needs to work on promoting civil consensus. Civil consensus requires protecting debate and respecting all points of view. The tea party should not stop at the Constitution. We need to return to the Quaker ideals that made America good. “America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good America will cease to be great.” Alexis De Tocqueville

    #2. The right to bear arms was never intended to apply to criminals. Guns need to be licensed and available only to those who use them properly. Every crime is a combination of intent and opportunity.

    #3. To focus on the priorities we need to ignore distractions. This article should not have been about the tea party Suffolk County 9-12 Project. Denying blame is a low priority issue. Assigning blame is the role of law enforcement. Terrorism anywhere affects everyone everywhere. We should stand united for peace and justice. Terrorists win when we let them divide us.

  • References:

    >> Penn learned the valuable skills of forming ideas into theory, discussing theory through reasoned debate, and testing the theories in the real world.
    <> The treaty of Shackamaxon included:
    The white man and red man are to be as brothers. All paths are to be open to both.
    The doors of the settler will be open to the Indian, and those of the Indian to the settler.
    They will not listen to false reports of one another.
    If quarrels arise, they will be settled by a jury of six on each side and then forgotten.
    <> Democracy in America predicted the violence of party spirit and the judgment of the wise subordinated to the prejudices of the ignorant.