Riverhead schools delayed two hours, 35 cars pulled from snow

01/13/2011 9:30 AM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Blowing snow on Doctor's Path near Reeves Avenue Wednesday afternoon.

Opening of schools in the Riverhead School District was delayed by two hours this morning and a few cars were pulled from snow banks due to the white stuff being blown around area roads.

Children should plan on being at the bus stop two hours later than normal pick-up time and school will dismiss at regular time, district officials said.

School was closed Wednesday due to the storm that brought more than a foot of snow to the area.

Riverhead highway superintendent George “Gio” Woodson said his crews had pulled about 35 cars that had gotten stuck in the snow since the storm started, including about four this morning. He said a section of Reeves Avenue was impassable but should be cleared shortly.

Northville Turnpike, a county road, was closed about 5 a.m. due to drifting snow this morning, but was expected to reopen by 10 a.m.

“Everybody worked probably 30 36 hours straight,” he said of his staff. “I had to send them home.”  He said when his crew went home, the wind began whipping snow from drifts back onto the streets.

Long Island Rail Road service has been restored along the Greenport and Montauk lines.

Baiting Hollow had received 17.7 inches of snow as of 8 p.m., while Riverhead received nearly 11 inches as of 1:30 p.m. yesterday, according to totals from the National Weather Service in Upton. Residents reported totals of over 15 inches in their yards.

A high temperature of 26 is expected today with mostly sunny skies. The forecast also calls for northwest winds of around 14 mph. Temperatures are predicted to rise above freezing Saturday when a high of 35 is expected.



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  • Hey News Review, I’m sitting here watching a town employee plow his own freaking driveway with the town truck.

  • Send us a photo. Email [email protected].

  • I’m sure the town employees have been out since early yesterday evening working hard to clear our roads in almost impossible conditions. I’m sure when the employee left his house there was passible snow in his driveway. If he wants to clear his driveway so he can get his car off the road sometime tonight after spending hours and hours keeping the roads clear for our safety and well being then I’m all for it. Thank you to the town employees for your efforts during this and the previous storms.

  • It’s people like you GUEST that start the crap flying. When your driving up to the grocery store or the to the bank or to the pharmacy you can thank that same employee who’s doing there driveway. How do you know this Employee wasnt coming home for a hot dinner or cup of coffee so they can stay awake after working for 18 hours and just happend to drop the plow. You dont so zip it.

  • I was sitting there and saw him pull up and plow out their driveway. No coffee, no pit stop, no nothing. And guess whose driveway had no snow in it after he plowed the street? it was all pushed on the other side into those driveways.

  • Please, Vera, if I’d sent a photo, I’d have 40 feet of snow in MY driveway every time it snowed! 🙂

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  • Environmental concerns aside, if you want ratables Mr Lesko. Why not force the hand of YOUR Slumlord special interest to Zone up on their illegal single family homes in the spirit of fairness during these challenging economic times? Our schools are broke and Slumlord housing plagues EVERY single community in Brookhaven? Why the blind eye Sir? We dont have an affordable housing issue anymore, we have an affordable taxes issue and everyone needs to pay their fair share.Its time to nut up Sir.We’re watching you.