Suspect in Glenwood Village beating being held on $100K bail

01/14/2011 8:30 PM |

A homeless woman accused of robbing and viciously beating an 84-year-old man in his Riverhead mobile home pleaded not guilty at her arraignment Friday in Suffolk County Criminal Court in Riverside, prosecutors said.

Julia Townsend, 38, allegedly forced her way into the victim’s home at the Glenwood Village community about 3 p.m. on New Years Day and beat him unconscious, authorities said. When he awoke a few hours later, he found a large amount of cash and jewelry missing. He was treated by responding Riverhead ambulance workers and then transported to Peconic Bay Medical Center.

She was charged with first-degree burglary, second-degree robbery and second-degree assault and is being held at the county jail in Riverside in lieu of $100,000 cash or $200,000 bond.



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  • The town planning board has a hidden agenda for disregarding any calls f or environmental studies. Those studies would shoot down any development plan that large due to the tremendous damage to the environment and quality of life. There are those on that board that will stand to profit big time and have been promised large financial incentives to push this plan through! Only it will take a dedicated third party investigation into all members of the board, their personal finances, connections, business relations and those of their family members to uncover it! With the majority of residents in opposition to the plan and even Supervisor Sean Walter’s call for one in early January being rejected, this clearly stands as a conflict of interest with members of the town board profiting from this at everyone else’s expense!

  • You seem to forget that property owners have rights and most developers have “as of right” conditions to develop the land that is zoned for the intended use that they want to use it for. The elected officials have to follow the law and if they do try to infringe on the property owners rights, then the owner would be foolish not to sue the town for lost revenue that this property is intended to produce. Also, today we don’t say “how do you do?” Most developers and individuals now say “how do we sue.”

  • RNPC, Part of Rocky Point, Shoreham and Wading River are GATEWAY communities to eastern Long Island’s North Fork, and they should be respected as such. This part of LI is not Rt. 25 in Centereach and efforts to turn it into this to “create a bigger tax base” will destroy the area for all of LI. Travelers from the Suff., Nass, Queens and the city who come here for open space, farms, to see glimpses of remaining wildlife should always have this sancutary.
    Sell the available land for tourist trade, game farms, cultural centers, small resorts, increase park activity to encourage tourist trade, lease farm space to willing farmers who wish to preserve the heritage of this area, create an Old Bethpage Village, turn the Tesla center into an international conference center…..adding more Wall Mart, PETCO, Applebees, CVS’s will create more minimum wage paying jobs should not be the only answer.
    There are many, many motorcycle clubs that come out this way to tour and site see, MANY, find them, ask for suggestions, have them join your cause, there has got to be a better way to satisfy land owners who wish to sell.
    Wildlife travels from the Pine Barrens to Shoreham’s open space to Wading River and I have seen deer on the LIPA trail in Rocky Point, the animals need this network. Hunting goes on here, fishing too, do these clubs have any suggestion?
    Why do we need such a big tax base anyway? Keeping things simple costs less.
    Create more jobs, real jobs, leave the wilderness alone.
    The BS of America camps are a charm, a jewel for children, the LI Sound, all of this is here, enhance it, share it, and find a way to do so.