Cops: Repeat DWI offender leads police on high-speed chase through Riverhead

01/20/2011 12:37 PM |

Christopher Anstett

An allegedly drunk Riverhead man, who had been convicted of DWI before, led State Police on a high-speed chase through the area before crashing his car into a fence and tree Wednesday night, according to authorities.

A State Trooper found the blue Audi driven by Christopher Anstett, 39, stuck in a snowbank after an accident was reported on Flanders Road in Flanders about 11 a.m. The trooper activated his emergency lights as Mr. Anstett attempted to maneuver his car out of the snow. After Mr. Anstett freed his car, then sped past the trooper, leading him on a high-speed chase through the Riverhead area.

Mr. Anstett was unable to safely negotiate around the intersection of Duane Street and Sweezey Avenue in Riverhead and crashed his car into a fence and small tree.

Mr. Anstett fled the scene on foot, but was found a short time later on Marcy Avenue in Riverhead, the same block where he lives. He was charged with felony DWI due to a prior conviction, third-degree unlawful fleeing from police and several traffic violations. He is scheduled to appear in Riverhead Town Justice Court today.

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  • Must have been PM. I’m sure troopers weren’t chasing after the fleeing car all day to find driver crashing in Riverhead Wednesday night.

  • Must have been PM. I’m sure troopers weren’t chasing after the fleeing car all day to find driver crashing in Riverhead Wednesday night.

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