Bellport’s gym is familiar to Riverhead’s Primm brothers

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01/21/2011 8:27 PM |

GARRET MEADE PHOTO | Christian Krumbiegel of Riverhead flipped Bellport's Mark Halverson. Krumbiegel won the 130-pound match on a pin at 3:36.

BROOKHAVEN — Evan Primm is quite familiar with the Bellport High School gymnasium. He has wrestled there many times before, but Friday night was different. This time he was wearing a blue Riverhead uniform instead of the red of the Clippers.

Evan and his younger brother, Dan, wrestled for Bellport before moving to Riverhead last year. While Evan was on the varsity team, Dan wrestled for the middle school team. If they felt funny about going up against their old school, it didn’t show in their performance.

Dan Primm won the first bout of the evening with a pin, and Evan Primm pinned his opponent in the final match of the night, sealing a 46-27 win for the Blue Waves in the Suffolk County League IV match. Dan Primm, a freshman, didn’t waste any time and put Antonio Gomez’s shoulders to the mat at 1 minute 32 seconds of their 125-pound contest. Evan Primm, a senior, needed three seconds less than that to stop Phil Gray in their contest at 119 pounds.

It was the first time both Primms wrestled at Bellport since they joined the Blue Waves. Did it feel strange?

“It just brings back old memories,” said Evan Primm, who brought his record to 11-8.

Bellport’s coach, Chuck Maragioglio, sounded happy to see the Primms, even though they both helped defeat his team.

“The two of them, they’re good kids,” Maragioglio said. “We miss them, but [Riverhead Coach Rocky] Davey and [assistant coach Tom] Riccio are doing a great job with them.”

Ryan Gevinski (96 pounds), Christian Krumbiegel (130), Charles Bartlett (152) and Chavar Gilmore (171) also scored pins for Riverhead (7-3, 3-2).

GARRET MEADE PHOTO | Ethan Zaweski, right, brought Riverhead a 5-1 victory over Bellport's Mhadi Habson at 103 pounds.

Gilmore turned in the quickest pin of the night. His match against Rick Butt was over in 61 seconds. Krumbiegel stopped Mark Halverson at 3:36, Bartlett beat Kevin Wilson at 2:16, and Gevinski scored his win over Mike Robinson at 1:41.

Riverhead took a 12-0 lead and never trailed despite forfeiting at 189 and 215 pounds.

Mario Carrera of Riverhead, wrestling at 160, held on for a 2-1 decision over Alex Morales. Ethan Zaweski (103) and Kevin Thomas (112) brought Riverhead victories at the lower weights. After a scoreless first period, Zaweski went to work and defeated Mhadi Habson, 5-1. Kevin Thomas was a 12-1 winner over Jake Haverty.

The only pin of the night for Bellport (1-9, 0-4) came from Reggie Sinclair, who took down Shawn Yarborough at 1:31 of the 285-pound match. “I just went out and did what I had to do,” said Sinclair.

Those two super heavyweights split the two matches they wrestled last season. Yarborough beat Sinclair in 14 seconds in a dual meet, but Sinclair got revenge by registering a 6-0 victory over Yarborough in the league tournament.

“I have a feeling they might meet up again in two weeks,” said Maragioglio, referring to the league tournament that will be held Feb. 5 at Comsewogue High School.

Bellport’s other winners were Carson Colichio (3-2 over Ryan Brenton at 135), Ed Carson (6-3 over Pat Thomas at 140) and John Rose (7-4 over Gabe Rice at 145).

“We hung in there,” said Maragioglio, whose five seniors were recognized in a Senior Night ceremony before the match. “We had an opportunity, but we gave away too many pins and that hurt us.”

Sinclair said: “It’s been a tough season. We just need to work a little harder, and we’ll be good. … All Coach wants us to do is to go out there and wrestle with our hearts.”

Although Evan Primm is now a member of Riverhead’s team, Maragioglio still regards him as a part of Bellport’s wrestling family. After the match, Maragioglio gave Evan Primm a hug and told him he did a nice job.

“When he comes back to Bellport sometimes, he’ll stop at my house, knock on my door and say, ‘What’s up, Coach?’ ” Maragioglio said. “He’s a hard worker, never says a word, always wants to do the right thing. … He’s a great kid. I’m hoping he has success this year.”

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  • OP Board Members–For the good of the community and the betterment of the children, please understand that it is time for you to put your egos aside. There was a time when OP was the strongest school on the NF. Sadly, that era ended when Ms. Krakel retired. Since then it has been off kilter. Why? There has been no leadership. Mattis, Stew, and yes, you have allowed OP to falter.

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