Aquebogue-Jamesport: Saving The Grange

01/26/2011 8:00 AM |

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Instructor Irina Gentile leads a Zumba exercise class last Thursday night at the George G. Young Community Center in Jamesport.

Proud dad Bill Nabrizny of Aquebogue wishes to extend his official congratulations to his daughter, Jennifer, who attends St. Bonaventure University. Jennifer has made the dean’s list for the second consecutive semester. In addition to being a fine student, she is an RA and the manager of the women’s basketball team. Congratulations, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your great news with us, Bill.

First Parish Church, UCC is hosting a taizé service on Jan. 27 at 7 p.m. Taizé is an ecumenical candlelight worship service of contemplative nature and song.

Have you read the article titled “Gearing up to save The Grange” in the Jan. 13 edition of the News-Review? It was an excellent article detailing the difficulty and costs of the needed renovations to save the 179-year-old Grange building on Sound Avenue, Northville, which is now home to the Spiritual Renewal Center. The SRC is seeking support from the community for donations and ideas on how to preserve this historic building. In addition to the community outreach programs, such as support groups, quilters meetings, and hosting Maureen’s Haven, they run educational forums, such as the Nature Lyceum’s “Green Guerilla” classes on organic farming and a healthy lifestyle. For the next four months, the SRC will be hosting Jeff Frank, of The Nature Lyceum, at The Grange with a series of lectures. The next one, “Metaphysics and Organic Horticulture,” will be held Friday, Jan. 28. Doors open 6 p.m.; the lecture begins at 6:30. There will be musical accompaniment and hot beverages will be served. All donations for the lecture will go directly to the “Save The Grange” fund. For more information, e-mail Mary Ann Suozzi, SRC coordinator, at [email protected]

Belated happy 85th birthday to Walter Gabrielsen Sr., who celebrated with his family at a dinner party on Jan. 22, from his eight children, 27 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Best wishes for a very happy birthday to Zachary White, who turns 9 on Jan. 29, from all your friends and family. Have a wonderful day.

It’s that time of year again — playoff season. Yes, I call it a season, thankfully because we typically only spend time watching football games for two or three Sundays a year. Our family football “season” is just short enough to hold my attention; unless I have something better to do. It is typically the only time we indulge in gross convenience foods like frozen appetizers. But this past Sunday was way beyond the normal football season, even for our short-lived viewing pleasure. My husband is from Chicago — obviously a Bears fan (if you count watching two games a season fanatical) — and his dad and extended family are from Wisconsin. All this makes for interesting family gatherings in the Midwest. Even though we are not native New Yorkers, there is the public pressure to root for the Jets. But in the end, I have to admit that I love Pittsburgh. So, anybody want to join us for the Super Bowl?



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  • Good point JamesinMatt!

    I am still waiting for you (or anyone) to join me at your Town Board Meeting to ask the Board when information will be posted online on where our solid waste and recyclables go.

    James Bunchuck job is to operate the Southold Town Solid Waste Management District facility on Cox Lane in Cutchogue. And even there he is subject to directions of the Town Board. While he does share authority to post on The contents of the Southold Town website are the responsibility of Lloyd Reisenberg, Network & Systems Administrator in the Data Processing Office and of your Town Board.

    Your questions about why residences with small dumpsters are not required to separate should be directed to Damon Rallis, Southold Code Enforcement Officer or to your Town Board.

  • I’ve had enough! Another self-serving local “official” threatening Mr. Fischer with a Town Code that does not exist! I would have hung up on him, too! Feel free to read what it does say. Just Google Southold Town Code. It’s on the official town site, section 233. No where in that section is there any restrictions put on a carter who chooses to transport Southold’s garbage out of town. Maybe Mr. Bunchuck should read it. The code is written to govern the handling of garbage into the Southold Town Transfer Station. How do you think the town gets rid of it? Its sorted and shipped out, the same as Mr. Fischer claims he’s doing. Prove he’s not. Don’t threaten him with non-existant town codes. We deserve much better from our Town Fathers. Misrepresenting Town Code is disgusting. This has got to stop!

  • Oh,

    And Mr. Bunchuck, Thank you for refreshing my memory and reminding me of the straw votes that brought us this whole yellow bag nonsense to begin with. What a sham!!!!

  • I agree with Randy this fool Bunchunk is a paper tiger, don’t threaten me with a fine. This is my property and I WILL DO AS I PLEASE WITH MY GARBAGE! GOT IT! GOOD! Besides shouldn’t you be doing more important things like holding up someones C.of O because the built a shed in there yard. Enough already!

  • Dear Mr. Bunchuck,

    I need to apologize slightly for my anger in yesterday’s response. I don’t know you personally. “Self-serving” may have been a little harsh but it does appear on the surface of things that you would have a vested interest in the Yellow Bag program. Correct me, if I’m wrong, but I would guess that it goes a long way in justifying your position with the town and perhaps even paying your paycheck. Without a Transfer Station, we don’t exactly need you , now do we? And, if Go-Green is really doing what they say they are doing, do we really need the Transfer Station at all?

    My anger is stemming from the misrepresentation of the town code by our officials. From Mr. Russell, to Mr. Finnegan , and now to you. I have read that code over and over and over again. There is nothing in it that bars Go-Green from carting our garbage out of town to another authorized facility. Trying to use it as some form of weapon against him speaks of a propaganda war and a totalitarian state in which laws are twisted to suit the needs and the whims of those in power. I remind you that this is “America”.

    As I have already said, “ I am not now, nor have I ever been a proponent of the Yellow Bag program” Having now lived with it for nearly 20 years, no discussion of it’s merits, if there are any, will likely make any dent in changing my view. There are better and more efficient ways to recycle garbage. Go-Green may have found one..

    That said, Mr. Fischer may indeed be in violation of some obscure “State” Mandate that requires him to pick up household garbage separate from recyclables on different days. I’m not sure where that is but, on the surface, if that’s the case, it seems pretty silly. I haven’t found it yet, but “source separated” to me means that before garbage can enter a landfill it must first be separated from it’s recyclables. Mr. Fischer says he is doing just that. For that matter, so do you. That’s good. It’s what I’m hiring him for. Until proven wrong, which would be a clear violation, I am willing to take him at his word. He has been doing business on Long Island for quite some time and apparently neither the State nor other townships have had a problem with his business model.. Afterall, my garbage is Mr. Fischer’s treasure. It behooves him to recycle it. The “Yellow Bag” program has simply made us, all of us who use a local carter, an unpaid employee Their Want Ad might go something like this:

    Recycler Wanted.
    Stay at home position. Requires a thorough. and complete understanding of recyclable materials. Job may also require some costs on the part of the successful candidate . Storage containers and space for recyclables required prior to pick-up. No Pay or Benefits provided, but we would like to express our sincere Thank you for doing what should be our job and making us a much more profitable business.

    Now, for your “Savings” statement. Allow me to give you a basic lesson in “Government”. “Governments DO NOT save money. They spend it!. The difference between Good government and Bad government is how well it is spent”. All of you who have chosen government service as a way of life would do well to remember that I’m not sure how you arrived at those figures. I’m not sure that I care to. It may well be that you managed to spend $400,000 dollars less this year than you did last year. That’s commendable, but rest assurred the cost of running the Transfer Station is citizen’s money spent, not “saved”. If it didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have to spend anything on it. That’s another issue and one for the community to decide. It is well to remember that all services provided by government exist for the benefit and at the discretion of the community it serves. Justification for those services is a constant imperative.

    Randy Young
    Type your comment here.

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