Storm forces closings in Riverhead Town

01/26/2011 12:37 PM |

All Riverhead School District after-school activities have been canceled and schools will be dismissed one hour early, according to superintendent Nancy Carney.

All after-school activities at Bishop McGann-Mercy high School will also be canceled. The school dismissed at noon today due to exams week.

Activities sponsored by the town department of recreation will also be canceled and all town community centers will be closed this afternoon.

Tanger Outlets will close at 5 p.m, according to general manager Janine Nebons.

Riverhead Free Library will close at 2 p.m.

Riverhead Town Hall will remain open.



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  • give me a break.

  • He will do a great job. Go for it Josh!

  • He will do a great job. Go for it Josh!

  • Please get a job that doesn’t requiring promoting yourself under the auspiciousness of serving our community.

  • Motion to Intervene!
    Support the expose Josh Horton as a opportunist.
    Hopefully Greenporters will not believe his campaign promises

  • What, the real estate selling business didn’t go as planned? The rock star concert promoter business didn’t go as planned? So now we’re going back on the public dole? No thanks.

  • Josh for mayor…. where do I send my contribution!

  • Even though I’m not a greenport resident, I would hope Mayor Nyce is reelected and given a chance to follow through for the village. No need to put an egomaniac into the driver’s seat.

  • The absolute worst Southold Town Supervisor in recent history is now running for mayor in Greenport? God help us

  • I think Josh Horton would make a great Mayer in any town. He brings a lot to the table . In a town such as Greenport we need a man who possesses the strong qualities of leadership holding a sharp sense of what the people of Greenport want and need! You have my vote Josh!

  • I think you should not be allowed to vote for mayor until you can spell mayor.

  • I hope he has matured since he served as Town Supervisor. He had absoultely no interest in listening to people who didn’t agree with him and overstepped the boundaries of his power to get rid of them. He acted like a little kid who threw a fit when he didn’t get his way. Bad for Southold-bad for Greenport.

  • Running for mayor? You ARE Joshin’ me, right?

  • Isn’t this photo from when Horton was at odds with Southold Town about last year’s music festival over an attendance discrepancy between the 800 per day on the permit application and the 15,000 a day in the vendor sales material? Based on that performance, some people might say that 95% of his campaign promises should be taken with a grain of salt, including the number of private sector jobs he’s going to create, for which he has no track record.

  • Auspices.

  • Nyce deserves another term.

  • So let me get this straight: Horton is supervisor during the boom years and now that is supposed to make him qualified to run the village in a recession? he cashed out of public service and decided to ride the real estate gravy train for awhile but now that has dried up. decided to be a concert promoter in order to stoke the fires of his own music “career” and that is supposed to make him qualified to bring “year round jobs” to Greenport? as what? being his roadie/promoter/groupie? lied about concert numbers to the town, lied to vendors. either way it was doublespeak to advance his agenda and then he blamed it on a typo. so what happens when he fudges the numbers in the budget? will that be a typo too? he will say to look at his record from when he was supervisor to attest to his abilities for mayor. but don’t overlook his record as a private businessman in this town either.

  • that homebody also manages the Shelter Island and Westhampton Beach offices for Corcoran.

  • I am proud to have Mayor Nyce represent our village. He has shown he not only cares a great deal about the best interests of Greenport, but has the record to prove it. In a world of politics as usual, it’s refreshing to have a leader at the most important level of government–the local level–that can handle the job. My wife and I will certainly be voting again for David Nyce.

  • Josh who? Never heard of the guy. It’s all about re-electing Nyce in order to keep this town prospering and promising.

  • I am disappointed with the way Mr. Osinski has conducted himself. His comment about David Nyce was not only inaccurate, it was in poor taste.

  • I wonder if Josh just wants a “step-in” venue of the park for one of these music jigs?

    Beyond that, Josh certainly does not have to be mayor in order to contribute to the Village. If he would like to create year-round, private sector jobs, go for it – that has nothing to do with village politics. Hey, however the vote comes out, bring on the jobs Josh!

  • Josh Horton is out of touch and thinks reality revolves around himself.

    Remember when he was first elected as Supervisor and he fired everybody? He never followed thru on his promise to reform Southold Town government, instead he reversed progress and reverted to the bad old days of autocratic rulers.

    And remember when Supervisor Horton invited the Federal Homeland Security to the North Fork? Something about a terrorist denying Cross Sound Ferry the right to turn the Main Road into an interstate highway!

    He says he was told by former Southold supervisor Josh Horton that if he intended to do anything in Riverhead he should be prepared for “a nightmare.”
    Instead, he’s had the opposite experience.
    Former Frisky Oyster restaurateur Dennis Mc Dermott

    When you’re elected, you’re given the very sacred right to appoint people who share your point of view,” Supervisor Horton said.

  • “Josh Horton is out of touch and thinks reality revolves around himself.”

    Hey, ind of like you!