We want to know: How are you doing with your resolutions?

01/31/2011 11:19 AM |

Here comes February. How are you doing on your new year’s resolution? Have you kept them? Altered them? Or thrown the list out?



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  • My goal is to lose 30 pounds before May 2011. So far I have gained 3 pounds. oops!

  • WAY TO GO ….Rocky Point needs to pull it back together!! sweep away the dirt.. put more of everyday needs storefronts back into town and rid of less common need .

  • Now We need to build the dirt lots up .Relocate and expand personal fitness onto broadway, open a few sattilite clothing stores such as Gap , justice , old navy , cant forget food suppliers , open a fish market , a few misc places , get rid of non everyday life establishments and we will never have to have the topic of a ghost town. Its not rocket science you build real places they will come!

  • No gloves, no hairnet, and still wearing an outside jacket in the picture??

    Ugh, I will not eat there.

    Good luck with the department of health approval.

  • Good Deal for Rocky Pointers…..

  • You must either be the competition or just a jelous person who never amounted to anything in life! and with your screenname that you have you must hang out across the street and play that role! uggg its people like you who give this town a bad Rap…

  • Best of luck Stacey! The kids and Brian say they are the best bagels around! Awesome!

  • really? Your picking at that? Your a mess, she prob just came in to pull the bin out to have the pict taken. Good god, you can’t just wish a person good luck? You have to have a negative twist on a picture. You know what… Your missing out! Bagels are awesome…

  • Way to go Bone……………..Show them how its done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wonderful news!! Broadway needs revamping!!! So excited and Congrats to the owner!

  • Although I’m happy to see another vacant store now occupied, do we really NEED another bagel store in Rocky Point? We already have 2. Do we need 5 pizza places, 4 Chinese restaurants, 4 barber shops…….? Give me something we really could use, please.

  • GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is the kind of person we need on community board . not the ones who worry about putting curbs in front of their houses and making certain pervisions for their benifits! Bohack step up and take our town back!

  • I guess it is nice, but we already have two bagle shops in town. I would have prefered a luncheonette – an old fashioned place with counter and booths or tables where we could get an ice cream soda, a hamburger or breakfast. Similar to the one in Port Jefferson Station. It could be a nice place for kids to go to, for families looking for a meal out instead of going to a fast food place like McDonald’s. It could be a gathering place for people to stop for a newspaper and maybe coffee. Old fashioned maybe, but nice.

  • coming soon

  • ll