Pair arrested after vacuum theft at Riverhead Home Depot

01/31/2011 2:56 PM |

Michael Hall

Alexis Fields

A Riverhead man and a Flanders woman were arrested Friday after the pair allegedly stole a vacuum cleaner from the Riverhead Home Depot, with the man waving a box cutter in the face of guards who were trying to stop them, State Police said.

Alexis Fields, 35, of 2043 Flanders Road and Michael Hall, 45, of 30 Phillips Street fled the Route 58 store traveling east in a red Dodge Caravan about 5 p.m. Friday, police said.

Riverhead Police officers, who first got the call, relayed the information to State Police and a State Trooper soon spotted the couple traveling south on County Road 105. The trooper pulled the pair over on Flanders Road and placed them both under arrest.

Two additional troopers and Riverhead Police officers also responded to the scene on Route 105.

Mr. Hall was charged with first-degree robbery, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, second-degree menacing, petit larceny and unlawful possession of marijuana. Ms. Fields was charged with first-degree robbery and petit larceny.

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  • About freakin’ time these dirt bags were caught

  • Announcing the release of the newest video game. Rated D for Dumb. “Grand Theft Vacuum – Riverhead” Seriously? A vacuum cleaner?

  • thought they might have made a CLEAN getaway huh

  • The vacuum cleaner probably was a Dyson — overpriced and overrated and over-hyped. The brand has become a target for theft due to all of the above. Top models can run as high as $600.00. As of late, counterfeiters have been attempting to buy them and then return them at other store branches for refunds of genuine cash,

    Don’t know what the reasons of this pair were but it’s sad that people are now so desperate, that they believed they could profit from a hold up for household appliances. Doesn’t make sense at all. Besides, the stores themselves are the real highway robbers.