This week’s Public Meetings

02/02/2011 7:30 AM |


9:30 a.m. Riverhead Town Board work session, Town Hall.

7 p.m. Riverhead Planning Board, Town Hall.


7 p.m. Riverhead Agricultural Advisory Committee, Town Hall.

7:30 p.m. Manorville Fire District.


1 p.m. Southampton Town Board, Town Hall.

7 p.m. Riverhead Board of Education, high school auditorium.

7 p.m. Riverhead Open Space Committee, Town Hall.


7 p.m. Flanders Fire District.

7 p.m. Riverhead Fire District.


9:30 a.m. Riverhead Town Board work session, Town Hall.

7:15 p.m. Riverhead Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Hall.



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  • If we must face these terrible cuts & we must…More cuts to administrators not teachers please. The administrators are very professional and yes, they do important jobs many don’t realize. However, those in closest contact with children are the most important

  • Please contact your legislators and Governor Cuomo. We must stay united as a community and send a strong message to Albany that these cuts in state aid to our schools are unacceptable. I understand everyone is angry and I am too, but the REAL issue at hand is not the layoffs, it is the unfair and disproportionate cuts in our state aid our Governor is proposing. Albany must invest in our childrens education!!!

  • Gerstanlaur took a freeze on his $227K salary for 1 year. Why does Lwood have so many superintendants anyway? What does he do if he has a deputy and 5 other supers??

  • How about theses overpayed long island teachers, take a cut in pay! It’s about time that a government official, CUOMO, has taken charge as to what’s happening on long island. We pay rediculous taxes here, for what??? So that these teachers make rediculous money and work only 180 days a year? Cut their PAYCHECKS, not our childrens ART, MUSIC, DRAMA, SPORTS!!

  • I can’t agree more. Administration on down should take a pay cut. They all should have to chip into the retirement and health insurance like every working American. We do not need 25 gaurds, 5 secratries to every principle, new dodge chargers and ect… As many people are not aware of Mr. Gerstenlauer not only makes a decent salary but his wife does to. Double dipping. We are the poorest distrect with the highest paid teachers. It’s totally out of control. Stop taking from the childern, start taking from your greedy selves!!!!!!!

  • I completely agree. In fact, not only should Longwood teachers take a pay cut, Longwood needs to weed out “useless’ teachers. A teacher who tells students that they are only there to collect a paycheck- should be fired not shuffled off to teach at another school in the district. Alot of money could be saved if the district opened their eyes and got rid of ineffective teachers and administrators. Why do these schools need a principal and 2 asst. principals? We need a superintendent, a deputy superintendent and 5 superintendents as well? We need all these people in charge? So let’s take programs away from the kids to pay their outrageous salaries. Makes sense. The kids are the reason you have a job- STOP taking programs away from them- start cutting your own salaries.