School closings and delays for Wednesday

02/02/2011 5:43 AM |

The following school closings and delays are in effect for Wednesday:

Public Schools

Riverhead School District — Two-hour delay

Private Schools

St. Isidore School (Riverhead) — Closed

Bishop-McGann Mercy High School — Closed

Riverhead Charter School — Two-hour delay

St. David’s School — Two-hour delay, no a.m. Pre-K

Our Redeemer Lutheran School (Aquebogue) — Closed

Pre-Schools and Day Care

Lyrical Children’s Preschool & Learning Center  (Calverton) — No a.m. classes

Riverhead Country Day — 8:30 a.m. start


Riverhead Free Library will open at 11 a.m. today



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  • Taylor Schombe and her mother Alison Lyne are mentioned in this article…..Congratulations for tackling this project ..2nd grader Taylor ..and to her 94 schoolmates who are pledging to join the cause.

  • finally…someone in the media who can present the problem here without the usual hysteria. its not about race…there were no confederate flags flying at the meeting, but there were people who forgot that blacks had to start their own department because no one wanted to service them in those days…it was unfair,….just as unfair as having the highest tax rate in the state now is. people are being manipulated by the fire department and the town of brookhaven, whose officials should resign for their lack of understanding and their political cowardice.
    injustice denied is injustice condoned.

  • What a great article! True coverage of the craziness that went on at the Town meeting last night. This is the only reporter who got it right! Those speaking out against the high taxes supported their claims with data and facts. Those opposing the tax relief proponents used scare tactics and emotionally laden and unsubstantiated vitriol that Fox News should could even learn a thing or two! Thank you, Grant Parpan, for your outstanding coverage!

  • Thank you Grant for covering this event and writing an article filled with facts, not fiction.

  • Thank you Grant for covering this event and writing an article filled with facts, not fiction.

  • get rid of that Fire district, its not needed for that small area. Its wasting money

  • Couldn’t wait to see your column that you tweeted about. Great insight, thanks Grant.

  • I’m all for the consolidation of fire districts in the Town of Brookhaven. There’s really no reason that Miller Place, Mt. Sinai and Rocky Point each need a board of commissioners and their own 100’ ladder truck.

    But we need to ask ourselves, why are we starting the consolidation process with the Gordon Heights Fire District?

    While it may not be overt racism, it certainly has to do with the fact that much of Gordon Heights holds so little political influence. You can make your own decision as to why that is, but it’s something that this editorial chose to completely ignore.

    Why not start by eliminating the notoriously corrupt Selden Fire District and consolidating the Selden Fire Department with the Coram and Centereach departments? The answer should be obvious; the Selden Fire Officials hold the type of political clout that their Gordon Heights counterparts do not.

    It doesn’t take much insight to realize that Suffolk County is a very segregated place to live and go to school. We still have “black” neighborhoods and “black” schools. I’m not going to pretend to know why that is, but I do know that that these schools and neighborhoods hold very little political sway and, thus, are traditionally underfunded.

    This story is bigger than a fire district. And I don’t think this editorial grasps that.

  • You think there is more to the story? Than you haven’t been paying attention to the facts.
    You think GH holds little political influence, then you really don’t know the power that a black community yields.
    The write of the article totally gets it, you Former FF seemed to be the one who can’t grasp the reality of the situation. !!!!!

    If you want the facts in a realistic manner put your seat belts on and pay ATTENTION!!!!ATTENTION!!!!ATTENTION!!!
    First and foremost!!!Question of the Day???
    What has been DORMANT since 1947???
    Gordon Heights!!!!
    The time is now to correct a wrong.
    There is no way a community does not expand over a period of time unless their growth was manipulated?
    The time when our rights were restricted and the opportunity presented itself for growth we weren’t afforded full share of THAT SAID growth. The town would divide the acquired land to their desired districts and Gordon Heights would receive their share. Just think if the playing field was leveled the Gordon Heights Fire District would be 3000 homes strong. The proper zoning would give us boundaries that would finally offset the tax base. We can go as far to say that the Artist Lake Golf Course should be included in our district being that we started our fire department first. This is just another case of the political powers in the early years on how they abused their authority and in return violated the rights of tax paying citizens.. I want to know who’s going to step to the plate and fix an injustice of 60 years ago. This is blatant GERRYMANDERING which means not affording proper zoning rights and boundaries to one’s community but all is too afraid to Attack the Beast which is in essence “Historical Racism”. We are just asking to correct a wrong and afford us the opportunity to strive just as well as the next tax payer.
    We as a people can actually attest to one fact which is THE SAME COUNTRY THAT ENSLAVED US We ARE LEADING . Every Americans mentality when feasible is to eradicate all past transgressions through REDEMPTION
    How can anyone question the integrity of a resident of the Gordon heights community?

  • The misinformation continues to flow. !!! Please take the time to learn the facts before spreading
    untruths throughout the community. The scare tactics have to stop !
    There is no Artist Lake Golf Course. It is called Spring Lake, and in fact, portions of the Spring Lake Golf Course is in GHFD as well MIFD. Please learn the facts before becoming hysterical. You should go and ask the MIFD to re-draw their district lines (again) and give you more land. They make the boundary lines.
    So please go and ask Coram for the Home Depot and Middle Island for some more of their tax base then Please post here their response.
    Thank you.

  • Great column Grant- cut to the chase.

  • Because those District’s residents are not paying the highest FD taxes in NYS!