DA: Drug ring ferried cocaine from B’klyn to East End

02/02/2011 3:44 PM |

Authorities are set to announce at a press conference Thursday the details of an investigation into cocaine trafficking that yielded 18 arrests in Riverhead in recent weeks. CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUS COVERAGE

Those arrested include five members of the Bloods street gang and others who are accused of ferrying drugs from Brooklyn to the East End, officials said.

Cocaine, weapons, cash and counterfeit money were among the items seized during the execution of search warrants. Police also seized 26 ounces of what the alleged dealers thought was cocaine but turned out to be crushed sheetrock and baking soda, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota, who issued a press advisory Wednesday night.

All of the items will be on display at the press event, scheduled for 11:30 a.m. at the Suffolk County Criminal Court building in Riverside.

The suspects hail from Riverhead, Flanders, Patchogue, Calverton, Southampton and Westhampton. They will be arraigned Thursday morning in Criminal Court in front of Suffolk County Judge Martin Efman.

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See RiverheadNewsReview.com on Thursday for details.



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