We want to know: What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial

02/07/2011 9:10 AM |


Which commercial was your favorite?

There were some really funny commercials last night. Which was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?



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  • Volkswagen/Darth Vader………absolutely!

  • Pepsi Max: “First Date”


  • bud light where the dogs were the hostesses and doritos commerical when the pug went through the door on top of its owner

  • They guy who sent the email and (did not) hit “reply all”, and Eminem.

  • I’ll huff, and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down… Sounds like a personal problem. Good for Scott Russell for telling it the way it is. Maybe he should have gone further as to say that it’s NOT the towns responsibility to defend against Mother Nature so as to save PERSONAL property.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t know what to say. I understand the concern of the people, but erosion is a fact. Do they expect the govt to rebuild the beach? At whose expense? We are at a time when we are talking about firing teachers. We are a barrier island. Look at the tax maps for the south shore. Some of them show lots that are no longer “with us”. I resent my taxes going to protect the homes of people who choose to live on cliffs or on the edge of the island.

  • I keep reading things about “My tax $ to save others homes”. First let me say all of the people on Hashamomuck Cove are tax payers too. Most over the years have put there hard earned money into protecting the beach,thier homes and yes RT 48. Some have on a few occations over the last I guess 40 years have tryed to get goverment and home owners together on the same page to stop what is happening along that area now. There is alot of RED tape involved in being allowedto do things along any waterway. Please do not berate people for trying to keep there homes. The entire Island has errosion problems. Someday it will effect everyone that lives , works or commutes thru the Island.

  • Earmark Disclosure 64146, HASHAMOMUCK COVE, SOUTHOLD

    Call your congressman and tell him to kill this bill…

  • hmmm could 4 year term vote for supervisor been a ploy for job security going into retirement for a candidate? surprised at outcome…i think so