Aquebogue-Jamesport: Fire Department accepting scholarship nominees

02/14/2011 1:08 PM |

Paulette Sikora of Aquebogue called me last week with an exciting update on her daughter, Ashley, a 1998 graduate of Mercy High School. Ashley graduated from Loyola in 2002 and went on to earn her juris doctorate from American University Washington College of Law in 2005. She worked as a pro bono lawyer for five years at House of Ruth Maryland — one of the nation’s leading domestic violence centers — helping thousands of battered women and their children find safety and security. Ashley continues to serve there as a trial lawyer. She was recently assigned as assistant U.S. attorney in Carroll County, Md., where she serves as a prosecutor. Ashley’s parents, Bob and Paulette, are very proud of their daughter. Congratulations to all of you!

The Save The Grange Horticulture Series: “Organic Horticulture Made Simple for Beginners and Established Gardeners” continues this week. This week’s lectures are as follows — tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 18: “Healing, Dowsing, Geopathic Stress: Slim Spurling’s Light-Life Tools,” given by Susan and Scott Anderson; Wednesday, Feb. 23: “Compost and Compost Teas, Turf, Flowers, Trees and Shrubs,” given by Jeff Frank.

If you are seeking the “something more” spiritually, then check out the weekly gatherings “Introduction to Spiritual Formation: Exploring the Way”. The language of the spiritual journey and what it is about will be discussed. For eight weeks, a small group will look into questions and issues of faith. The first gathering will be held Thursday, March 3, at 7:15 p.m. at The Parsonage (7 Lagoon Court, Jamesport). Limited to 12 participants. To reserve a seat, e-mail MaryAnn Suozzi, Spiritual Renewal Center coordinator, at [email protected], or call Pastor Dianne Rodriguez at 516-673-1231 by Tuesday, Feb. 22. Free-will offerings will be accepted.

Jamesport Fire Department will be awarding two $750 scholarships and two $500 scholarships to graduating high school seniors who live in the Jamesport Fire District or who has a parent who is a Jamesport firefighter. Some restrictions apply. Applications are available in the guidance offices at Riverhead or Bishop McGann-Mercy High School, or at the Jamesport Fire Department. Applications must be submitted to the guidance departments by April 15, 2011, or mailed to Jamesport Fire Department, P.O. Box 54, Jamesport, NY 11947.
Spring is just around the corner and so is Old Steeple Community Church’s soup supper! Check the column next week for details.

My husband and I decided we’re going to designate a few hours each Sunday afternoon a date and visit one of the local wineries offering Jazz on the Vine concerts, as we did this past weekend. This is our 25th year of marriage, so we thought we would get a little creative and support the arts and our local economy at the same time!



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  • Thanks so much for reporting on the election. So frustrated with News 12 no coverage. Mary, Sound Beach

  • Good job, SUN! These results were not on News12 or Newsday sites. It may be just one district, but it’s important to the 6500-plus who voted today.

  • I’ve known Sarah a few years and she always keeps up on local issues, both big and small.

    In fact, I recently ran into her a local bagel shop where the discussion was not food but traffic concerns, she will do fine in her new position.

    And good riddance to any politician connected to Steve Levy or the Suffolk County Republican Party.

    Congrats Sarah !!

    Ms. G’s class says hello !!!

  • I am very disappointed. Marty Haley is a great hands on person. I was a complete stranger to him but when I needed help getting through a lot of red tape he personally helped me get it taken care of. He did not hand it off to someone else or brush me off. He is a fine man.

  • Marty Haley knows Government. He is a true Fiscal Conservative. When the UNIONS announced that they would take control of Ms. Anker Campaign, I knew that Marty, the most qualified candidate, would lose.

    Take a look across our once great Country, SHE is on the verge of collapse because of the sense of
    entitlement perpetrated by the Union Thugs. LI has lost Levy and the Unions have yet another foot-hold and I don’t see Suffolk County surviving the take over by the Spend and Tax Liberals. 🙁

  • to SaveAmerica….Sarah Anker won because she received more votes. Only FIFTEEN percent of people living in the district voted. Both democrats and republicans NEED to vote. Union thugs—seriously? The reason any of us, union or non-union, has worker rights is because of unions fighting for these things 100 years ago. Minimum wage, overtime, vacation time, exploitation of minors working–you get the idea. Instead of tearing down unions, you should be fighting to get one for whatever line of work you are in so you are protected against these things.

  • Thank you, North Shore Sun, for the news this morning. Your web site was the only place that had it. Much appreciated.

  • It’s so great to have a real person who cares about us–her neighbors–win an election. Too many Conservatives say they want change but then vote for the same old political hacks who have created our problems.

  • only thing worse than a tax and spend liberal is a borrow and spend conservative – how about 1 trillion dollars borrowed for an unecessary war which we are going to be paying off for generations.

  • Perhaps it is time for us to have fewer people who “know government” and more people who have a real interest and track record in public service serving in public office.

    Attacking unions is silly. Why not attack the poor? Why not attack people who can’t pay their mortgages? Why not attack people who don’t have the means to pay for good health care?

    How is Haley a “fiscal conservative”? Martin Haley did a fantastic job of putting signs with his name up around the district and getting a mailing out that features his photo with Steve Levy (bad timing). He did nothing to explain how he’s grown as a public servant based on all his years in public office and instead relayed messages consistent with the local Republican party.

    Anker’s mailings talked about what she has done and laid out positions on important issues. Some of her Robo calls touted the Democratic line but when people called and walked the district they spoke about Sarah and causes that she views as important.

  • I only voted for Sarah because I know her. She is a good caring person. I may not agree with her but she attempts to make a positive difference.

  • New Hampshire calls.
    Free states – one at a time.
    Perhaps my great – grandson will be there to see NY de-socialized.

  • New Hampshire calls.
    Free states – one at a time.
    Perhaps my great – grandson will be there to see NY de-socialized.

  • Pic makes her look like she is yelling “Abner! Abner!”.