News-Review cover photo: Construction on high

02/17/2011 2:27 PM |

This photograph, titled ‘Construction on high,’ by photojournalist Barbaraellen Koch ran on the front cover of the Feb. 17 Riverhead News-Review.

In the shoot, workers from R.W. Mulligan Company Inc. shingle St. Isidore R.C. Church in Polish Town. Renovations began last November to install a new roof and insulation, shore up the stained glass window frames and repair glazing. father Robert Kuznik, church pastor, said he expects the project to be finished in about a month. The Polish church was completed and dedicated in September 1907.



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  • Unfortunately the NSS gets it wrong again. The $150 fine is in the current code and not part of any proposed amendment.

  • Does the graffiti law apply to the Town also?

    I know someone who has called the Town 3 times trying to have graffiti removed from a road sign in front of their house.

  • “An expected vote to approve spending $75,000 on the next phase of the ongoing Route 25A corridor study from Mount Sinai Place to Wading River was also tabled until a later date.”

    People need to know, it is ANOTHER $75,000 in SPENDING to move forward on a project of over $18 MILLION that WILL have impact on EVERY business in the stretch on 25A and MANY of thos located in the IMPACT ZONE know little or NOTHING about how it will effect their businesses!

    Ask people on the streets and they will say, “Never heard about it…”

    Don’t be fooled by numbers like $75,000. It’s “just a study.” That will lead to APPROVING INSURMOUNTABLE EXPENSE and TAXES and will change the community to irreversable consequence! The study is about producing “enticing artistic renderings” of pipe dreams and “La La Land” and of course, we all know how easy it is to “feature – benefit hunt” for statistics that “make the sale.”

    Just a year ago, there was so much talk about how well Port Jeff was updated and how well it is thriving.

    To me it looks like they “made millions! Then, packed their bags and moved to Disney Land! Because downtown Port Jeff is either failing as shops close and more empty store fronts pop up due to the failing economy or it has become unaffordable for the small business to succeed. It’s all fairy tales. We are an overburdened, overtaxed community that now is encumbered with severely bad planning in preserving our health and well being to the point that we are slaves to failure.

    Stop spending to overbuild, stop reliance on “waste management industry,” and that will result in stopping overtaxing. You don’t need a study to figure that out. It’s Common Sense!

    Millions have been spent on “studies” for “dreams we cannot afford.”

  • What part of ” the current $150 fine will remain the same” is wrong? The increase to $300 was what was originally proposed.

  • the original article was edited after “Lap” pointed out it was wrong

  • Never heard about it…Maybe that’s because “people on the street” don’t pay attention to what’s happening in their own communities. The 25A Corridor study has been well publicized and discussed by local papers, on the town web site, in civic meetings, and in several mailings to residents of District 2 by Councilwoman Bonner. Encourage people to care about what’s going on and stop whining. There were opportunities to have a say in what’s proposed during the planning stages for whoever was interested.

  • the article was edited once Lap pointed out it was wrong

  • I think the article was update: the lapper pointed it out when it was a preview to the meeting.

  • Excuse me “Guest,” but I was at the Rocky Point Civic meeting when the whole “Malarky” was presented in October of 2007 along with several local business owners WHO WERE THERE and they, to this day are perplexed as to WHY THEY ARE NOT INFORMED, updated other than “overshadowing rumors” that their business locations will face changes that may have negative effects upon them.

    I also attended the “follow up” presentations at the CMD Chamber of Commerce meeting where questions asked by many local business members of the affected community DID NOT get straight forward answers.

    Can you honestly tell me that every business owner that will be impacted “knows what’s coming?”

    I know for a fact they do not!

  • What’s wrong isn’t “what the North Shore Sun” prints, it’s what the Town of Brookhaven is doing: Raise taxes, raise fees, permits, penalties, fines… and…

    They want “tougher judges” and for all of us to breathe sewage and garbage fumes as a way of life as we watch wildlife disappear, dead fish wash up streamside and on our shores. Walk the beaches and see what uncontrolled storm water leaves for you to appreciate on the beaches: paper, bottles and assorted waste!

    Now we find out our Town of brookhave “needs’ to stay in the “dump business” to thrive!

    I applaud the NSS for paying attention to some of these issues. As a small town paper, they have limited resources, not those of Newsday who is blind to what is going on.

  • Peter, I’ve been reading your postS for a while now…you are one paranoid dude…get some meds, man!

  • Dear “Doctor” Underdog,

    Please join us, yes US, the many Brookhaven Residents, by the hundred, that have been voicing opinions of our (defined by you as paronia) over issues of the 25A Corridor Study, Brookhaven Dump, Carman’s River Study and a host of other Brookhaven Town AILMENTS, and tell us all about our “paronia” because most of us are on the “same page.”

    But, by all means, send me a bill for “your diagnosis.” I won’t see you again however, I prefer to seek a “second opinion.”

  • They would have to “float a Bond Issue” to raise the money to fine themselves…. LMAO