Riverhead cop honored for most DWI arrests in Suffolk

02/23/2011 12:11 PM |

PHOTO COURTESY SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE | Riverhead Police Chief David Hegemiller, Officer Timothy Murphy and Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer

A Riverhead Town Police officer was honored Tuesday night for his efforts in putting an end to drunk driving.

Suffolk County Police said Riverhead officer Timothy Murphy made 86 DWI arrests in 2010, the most of any officer in Suffolk County. He was awarded a proclamation and an award by Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer at a ceremony at the H. Lee Dennison Building in Hauppauge.

Ten officers from the Suffolk County Police Department and 14 from other departments were honored as well.

“Drunk driving is one of the deadliest crimes someone can commit,” Commissioner Dormer said. “Law enforcement officers are the front line defense between the public and drunk drivers. Each time a police officer stops and arrests a drunk driver; the officer is preventing that person from causing injury or death to themselves or another.”



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  • wonder how much money that made him in overtime..

  • Its alot easier for this loser to park in back of a restaurant downtown to badger a grandmother on Ladies night than to deal with the gangs on B street or MS-13 who would mistake him as a Pinata.

    Don’t he and the Chief make a nice couple?

  • guy made $154,620 in 2010. Would love to see how many DWI’s were done towards the end of his shift. OT. He’s not doing a good thing he just wants the money

  • Look at the smiles on these self serving idiots.

  • Thank You Officer Murphy!!

  • yes…

  • I agree! this officer was doing his job. the gutless drunks who posted above problem got a tic from this officer( aka Rtownie, Beverder, Timsmith

  • Are you people kidding me? First, 86 arrests / year is a bit more than three every 2 weeks. It sounds more to me like the officer was watching how people were driving rather than eating jelly doughnuts. Good for him and good for us. Second, somewhere in those 86 arrests the officer absolutely prevented accidents, injuries, property loss, and possibly fatalities, all of which would cost considerably more than what he’s being paid. It sounds to me like he’s doing the job he’s supposed to be doing. Instead of griping, perhaps those that are complaining should get some perspective and be glad that you’ve not been hit by a drunk driver. The lives saved may have been yours…or mine.

  • You make a great point.

  • You make a great point.

  • Most of the people that are drinking at bars during the weeknights are off duty cops. How many DWIS has he written for them or locked up. Heard he stopped a local female trooper and drove her home.Wonder if he tucked her in too. The funny thing is he locked up her aunt for a dwi last year maybe hes getting soft.