Chimney fire in Sound Avenue home

02/23/2011 5:38 PM |
MICHAEL WHITE PHOTO | Firefighters at the scene of a chimney fire on Sound Avenue Wednesday.

MICHAEL WHITE PHOTO | Firefighters at the scene of a chimney fire on Sound Avenue Wednesday.

Riverhead firefighters responded to a call for a chimney fire that sparked inside a house on Sound Avenue in Calverton Wednesday afternoon.

The homeowner was able to extinguish the 4:30 p.m. blaze in the ranch-style house before firefighters arrived. Though the smell of smoke filled the neighborhood, which is just east of Twomey Avenue, the homeowner later said there was no smoke damage to the home.

Firefighters stayed on scene for about a half hour as they inspected the chimney and elsewhere in the house to make sure the fire was out.

Fire officials urge homeowners to have their chimneys inspected annually, especially if fireplaces are used often.



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  • I am the home owner…there was no damage to the house…get your story correct…..thank you..

  • Honestly…There was no smoke at all,when the fire fighters time I APPRECIATE AN HONEST STORY…get the facts straight…before posting such a comment…..

  • I am the home owner…first of all there was no blaze… smoke damage to the house….no smell of smoke thru the neighborhood….get your facts correct before posting your comments……thank you….

  • Lets all hope there is no next time!

  • Thank goodness no one was injured in the blaze.

  • Who is to Blame?

    How generous of Councilman Orlando to take one for our team (the Southold Town Board). Why is our team hanging him out to dry?

    According to Geisses, Carole Giess is the scapegoat. “So many people willing to vilify me in public. … In a letter delivered personally to the Town Clerk’s office, I informed the Town Board, town attorney and clerk of my action and heard from no one.” Carole Geiss “A witch was found: my wife, Carole.” Gunther Geiss

    I am not looking for a fall guy, or for a scapegoat. I would like to know who is working with our Town Board behind closed doors. I do not believe that the inappropriate proposed Contract terms and the untimely Request For Proposals were issued without consulting anyone.

    If Carole Giess delivered a letter to the Town Clerk informing the Board and Attorney of her email, why did the Town Board and the Town Attorney deny knowledge of the email? There are only two possibilities, either our Officials are not reading their correspondence, or they are not telling the truth.

    Recently Supervisor Russell wrote that “I received a letter from Mr. Geiss just the other day demanding that I recuse myself from any dealings with the NFAWL or the contract … I have referred it to the Ethics Board and I will live by the determination of that Boards’ findings.” Thus Supervisor Russell is acting based on the opinions of Mr. Geiss. Does anybody else believe that Mr. Geiss is qualified to put this issue into the proper perspective?

    Hopefully the Ethics Board will not jerk its knees in response to the complaints it receives. Hopefully it will consider all the facts, not only what Gunther and Russell say, and will conduct an independent investigation leading to a reasonable and sensible conclusion.

  • The Times has the right to endorse who it wants even if the editorial writer lacks the courage to give his name. What they don’t have the right to do is call my facts out of context with looking at them. Tell troy I ‘ll sit at any public forum with him and let him disprove them if he can, thats a challenge Mr. Gustofson. Please take it. William Swiskey you know where I live.

  • I am so voting for you Bill…

  • I counted two Mattituck Sanitation dumpsters on residential properties today — FILLED with mixed trash. Are they going to be in court too? Hmm….

    Heard something on WLNG this morning and thought they mentioned Go Green, so I checked and found this article. Seems this is the same guy running Go Green. I guess he feels he doesn’t have to follow Southampton Town Code either. Personally I don’t care who picks up my garbage, but I do disagree with this guys arrogance.

  • Gee, I wonder who this guy won’t be voting for?

  • Gee, I wonder who this guy won’t be voting for?

  • Gee, I wonder who this guy won’t be voting for?

  • Just as a matter of history I don’t think the Suffolk Times ever endorsed George Hubbard’s father whenever he ran for a seat on the Village Board and after all those years as a public official I believe he only lost once. If I could vote I’d be casting my votes for George Hubbard and William Swiskey. With Bills knowledge and his dedication and contributions to the Village it’s a win win situation. Both George and Billy are dedicated to the Village where they’ve lived their entire lives.

  • A meeting is being organized by the Working Poor Taxpayers at the town Recreation Center on Peconic Lane in Peconic for Tuesday, March 29, at 7 p.m. The meeting’s focus will be to identify issues burdening taxpayers and to present methods for change.

    I’ll be there.

  • Gee willies, I thought Ace had given his vivid imagination a rest.

    The NYS law requires that contracts of the size of NFAWL’s contract with Southold, nearly $600,000 for the last contract, must be put out to bid. The new (May 18, 2010) Southold Procurement Policy requires public works/services contracts over $35,000 be put out to competitive bid. The Town of Southold via its Town Board only did what was required, but had not been done before.

    The new policy requires at least 3 bids be received for contracts between $10,000 and $35,000 so I would assume the same applies to the Animal Shelter RFP. What happens if only one bidder submits a proposal? What happens if no bidder is responsive, i.e., does not respond in an acceptable manner to the RFP requirements? The Town may have to rebid the contract.

    Why are you and Benja so opposed to following the law?

    The video of the Feb. 15 Town Board meeting is available, all the time, on the Town Clerk’s wonderful web site.

    For those finding it “difficult” to navigate try:

    and look at the far right, follow down the dates to February 15, 2010 and click on the video camera icon. Contrary to Benja’s frequent complaints that took me only two clicks–one on Town Board Online–Meetings, Videos, Minutes, Agendas on the left edge, middle of the page on the Town’s web site.

    When a competition for work is run the prerequisite is a list of potential bidders, and an advertisement in a paper of record. Carole offerred to help in constructing that list in order to assist in having a real competition. That does not mean bidders will respond. The proposal may be difficult to respond to, the time allowed may be too short, there may even be a feeling among potential competitors that the job is “fixed,” i.e., the winner is known before the competition is run.

    Why don’t you guys spend more time in determining the facts instead of imagining conspiracies? Oh, sorry, I forgot that “facts obscure the truth.”


  • OOOhhhh..can’t wait for that braintrust to get together.

  • You, sir, are an idiot.

  • I guess you like high taxes.

  • I like an educated populace.

  • “Gee willies” Gunther, Last time I heard that expression it was in a Jeep rolling backwards down a mountian. Are you in trouble?

    I don’t know about Ace, but I believe in following the spirit of the law.

    You are obviously way off track. The question is:

    Why is Southold Town Board following the lead of a couple who have done nothing but make trouble since they moved into town?

  • . . .. who pay high taxes. We’re educated too.

  • Gee willies Gunther,
    Not everyone has a computer so TV viewing is the only way for many to watch.The meeting was removed from TV viewing after 4 days…Not easy for everyone who wanted,to watch it.Maybe some others wanted to watch it “over and over again” like you did.A tad obsessed?The last contract was for 4 years,yes?Not that much money to run a shelter…Just above what monies tiny Shelter Island gets with no shelter.I’m sure you will correct any misquotes since you live for that.

  • Bring your Boxing Gloves… Becouase WE have itch……!

  • Well put Ace.Gee willies,Southold Town sure sounds INCOMPETENT opening the bid days early……Isn’t that illegal?If there were other bidders it would sure be a problem don’t ya think?!?
    Maybe Gunther should be all over that since he is all about doing everything by the book………..

  • Ace/Benja, et al

    What happens when individuals gain access to all the world’s accumulated information, and the freedom to publish, on the internet? Without learning how to use information, to place information in context, and what the morals and ethics in the use of information are, they produce trash–false conclusions, ridiculous generalizations, non-existent conspiracies, character assassinations, etc. They revel in destroying reputations. They hide behind “handles.” No wonder parents are concerned about “virtual” bullying. I wonder, how many students/followers you have acquired?

    Let’s take two of your recent points in particular.

    I published a Letter to the Editor in Newsday on February 24, 2011. It was reproduced on the website Port Jefferson Families for Change and applauded.
    I warned parents not to allow Superintendants, School Boards, PTA’s or teachers’ unions to mislead them. It was my opinion.

    Yes, I served as Special Consultant to the Provost for three years at the beginning of the Diamandopoulos administration at Adelphi University. In that assignment, I distributed personal computers to faculty across all schools and departments, built multimedia computer-based lecture facilities, and built a laboratory that supported faculty using computers in their research, writing and lecturing by providing unique applications and equipment. I did not support the administration, I supported the faculty. Then I became a professor in the School of Business after nearly 20 years in the School of Social Work. I taught primarily in graduate, Masters and Doctoral, programs.

    After the removal of the Diamandopoulos board and President Diamandopoulos, the new board and administration decided to offer senior faculty early retirement. I was one of many who accepted.

    Just what are you really trying to demonstrate or achieve? Are there any good intentions supporting your efforts?


  • 4areason,

    Those who want to view and review the February 15, 2011 Town Board meeting, or any other, can visit a local library and ask for the Reference Librarian. That person will show them how to log onto the internet and the Town of Southold website. Anyone can take advantage of the internet and what our Town Clerk, Elizabeth Neville, has done to make our government available to all.

    They can also go to Town Hall to search the Town Board meeting minutes on a computer there. There is little reason to remain uninformed and dependent on rumors and misinformation.


  • Gunther and Carole Geiss, You write that:

    >> We have no interest in running the Town of Southold-Raynor Animal Shelter.” … “All we want is to see that shelter provide the best service to the public and the best care for the animals for the least cost to the taxpayers. The town has made a good first step in that direction.

    If you are telling the truth now, why are you taking actions which reduce the level of service to the public and the level of care for the animals and increase taxpayers’ costs? How much did the RFP cost the Town? There was no bidder other than NFAWL. The time and money spent on the RFP could have gone towards the animals, or stayed in taxpayers’ pockets!

    Less than 10 days until April Fools Day, when the current contract with NFAWL expires. Will Southold Town have a contract to operate the shelter in place before the end of March?

  • Sorry Gunther, You are uninformed.

    Freedom of Information law protects our right to copies of all government files unless the files are:
    (a) are specifically exempted from disclosure by state or federal statute;
    (b) if disclosed would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy under the provisions of subdivision two of section eighty-nine of this article;
    (c) if disclosed would impair present or imminent contract awards or collective bargaining negotiations;
    (d) are trade secrets or are submitted to an agency by a commercial enterprise or derived from information obtained from a commercial enterprise and which if disclosed would cause substantial injury to the competitive position of the subject enterprise;
    (e) are compiled for law enforcement purposes and which, if disclosed, would:
    i. interfere with law enforcement investigations or judicial proceedings;
    ii. deprive a person of a right to a fair trial or impartial adjudication;
    iii. identify a confidential source or disclose confidential information relating to a criminal investigation; or
    iv. reveal criminal investigative techniques or procedures, except routine techniques and procedures;
    (f) if disclosed could endanger the life or safety of any person;
    (g) are inter-agency or intra-agency materials which are not:
    i. statistical or factual tabulations or data;
    ii. instructions to staff that affect the public;
    iii. final agency policy or determinations; or
    iv. external audits, including but not limited to audits performed by the comptroller and the federal government; or
    (h) are examination questions or answers which are requested prior to the final administration of such questions;
    (i) if disclosed, would jeopardize the capacity of an agency or an entity that has shared information with an agency to guarantee the security of its information technology assets, such assets encompassing both electronic information systems and infrastructures; or
    (j) are photographs, microphotographs, videotape or other recorded images prepared under authority of section eleven hundred eleven-a of the vehicle and traffic law.
    (k) are photographs, microphotographs, videotape or other recorded images prepared under authority of section eleven hundred eleven-b of the vehicle and traffic law.

    None of those legal exceptions apply to files of videos of Town Board Meetings.

    Why are Elizabeth Neville and the Town Board denying requests for copies?

    Their obvious real reasons are that they can’t be bothered, and
    they want to retain control of the information.
    The reasons they are giving:
    #1 It is impossible to make copies.
    #2 We do not have the equipment to make copies
    #3 Making copies would threaten the security of our computer network
    #4 You can make your own copies from the TV or the website
    #5 We are not legally required to make copies
    are all false.

  • Gunther, I, I, I, I, Aye aye aye!

    Thank you for clarifying your intimate connection to the Diamandopoulos administration at Adelphi University which you aptly described on as follows:
    >> Adelphi University in Garden City saw 18 of 19 Trustees removed by the New York State Board of Regents for mis-management and misuse of university funds. A new Board of Trustees fired the President. The Attorney General sued the Board members and former President for restitution.

    Southold Town is not an ivory tower. North Fork Animal Welfare League has been working in the real world for over 30 years and IS STILL WORKING.

  • I don’t know what a 1%er is, but NEWSFLASH: Cardinale is OUT. I’m not sure what the problem is with the term “hamlet”, or what is wrong with having a glass of LI wine (I guess that’s what 1%ers drink?), but I suggest you take your meds before posting again.

  • thankz for the “newsflash”…… less thing i need to worry about………….thankz again g-. dont you know that alcohol is a drug—–a drug IS a drug IS a drug. and no i do not take “meds”(no”
    sleepwalking thru life” for me as people like you advocate—you must be definitely taking yours.) and my problem with the term “hamlet” (wait one moment…………LOL(pretend that the emoticon of a laughing smiling face is here(o.k i am back g-) ) is that “hamlets” do NOT HAVE hollywood “back lots”. its a contradiction in terms.(why are you “unregistered”—–are you on some list or just a bad boy!?!?!?) peace.

  • oh i forgot—–if you dont know what a 1%ER IS …….you are already too far “out of the loop”—-take another pill(hint: google 1%ERs you may learn something—join the human race …..g-( o.k 1% of the population controls 90% of the nations wealth)(i figure i would save you time and than you can take your pill and get some more sleep) did i answer all your questions g-

  • You couldn’t make less sense if you tried. . .

  • Actually 1.2% is merely the increase that the Fiscal 2012 budget is proposed to grow when compared to the Fiscal 2011 budget. You should compare the 2012 Budget to real spending in the 2011 Year. For example, If Mount Sinai has $3 million in unspent for 2011, real spending would be $51.2 million. With a budget for next year of $54.9 million, that’d be an increase in spending of 7.2% and not the 1.2%.

  • but doesnt that 54.9 million also include somehow that funds reserve(and actually i think its closer to 4.2 mill). thanks, i am trying to understand.

  • 4% tax increase? This one is easy. Vote no.

  • The superintendent should reduce his absurd salary by the $90,000 needed to keep these middle school sport teams alive. This is pathetic.