Editorial: East End Copter fight is far from over

02/21/2011 9:39 PM |

Employing language much favored by political figures, Senator Chuck Schumer has announced that the bill recently passed by the Senate funding the Federal Aviation Administration represents a “major breakthrough” in the effort to control the noise made by helicopters crossing the North Fork on the way to and from East Hampton and Southampton. The senator added an amendment ordering the FAA to come up with rules that address the noise problem within 12 months. The extremely noisy aircraft now cross over the North Fork wherever a pilot sees fit. A designated flight path that keeps the copters out over the Sound until they reach Plum Gut is voluntarily and hardly, if ever, used.

A major breakthrough? Not quite, since the House of Representatives has yet to take up that authorization bill. How the measure might fare there is anyone’s guess, but there’s reason for concern given the new GOP majority’s strong pro-business tilt. Within the past week the North Fork suffered a significant setback in the House when that chamber agreed to maintain funding for a new animal disease research center in Kansas — in the heart of cattle country, of all places — to replace the Plum Island lab.
Then there’s the East Hampton town councilman’s admission that a number of his constituents have attorneys lined up to fight any flight path switch that would put the helicopters over their homes.

Something tells us we’re in for a long, bumpy flight.



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  • 14 gallons of water for a 4 day trip? I can’t see how it would have fit in that tiny boat, and that alone would weigh around 100 pounds LOL. As far as port-a-potties go…eastern L.I. and other tourism areas could learn a lesson of this humane offering whether it be in the middle of no where or a bustling little town filled with antique shops and boutiques….people have to “go”.

  • Also how can you compare the area you visited in Fla. which is so beautiful and filled with amazing wildlife to Orient State Park Long Beach?