One night in Southampton Town: Woman tries stabbing landlord, man throws beer can out car window, another man flushes bed sheets down jail toilet

02/27/2011 10:13 PM |


A Flanders woman was arrested Wednesday after threatening to stab her landlord with a kitchen knife, Southampton Town Police announced Saturday.

Brenda Richardson, 48, of Priscilla Avenue was charged with second degree menacing and third degree criminal possession of a weapon following the incident, which occurred after the two got into an argument around 5:45 p.m.

The victim did not sustain any injuries, police said.


A 23-year-old Flanders man was charged with DWI Wednesday after he was spotted tossing a beer can out his car window, police said.

Wilian Siguenza Sanmartin was spotted by police shortly after 9:30 p.m. on Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays. He was transported to headquarters and held for morning arraignment, police said.


A 32-year-old Riverhead man was charged with disorderly conduct shortly before 11 p.m. Wednesday for causing a disturbance near Marta’s Deli and Budget Host Motel in Flanders, police said.

Police said they found Jesse Huber near the motel where he was “cursing, yelling and bothering guests,” but only after they had received a phone call from an employee at the deli that he had already caused a scene there.

Mr. Huber was also charged with resisting arrest after he kicked and headbutted an officer, police said. While in custody at the jail, police said Mr. Huber attempted to flush his bed sheets down the toilet, causing flooding.



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  • While the guitars play out Joe Macari Jr. gets arrested for allegedly punching and slapping an employee. Nice…

  • Joseph Macari Jr., 55, who runs the family-owned Macari Vineyards on the North Fork, was arrested Saturday morning and accused of punching and slapping an employee, according to Southold Town Police.

    Police said Mr. Macari hit 31-year-old Rosando Herrera of Riverhead several times just before 11:30 a.m. while Mr. Herrera was working in the Macari’s Cutchogue vineyard.

    Mr. Herrera made a civilian arrest at the scene, according to reports. Mr. Macari was later charged with second-degree harassment and released on bail.

  • A bad day for Macari…..

  • Why was it a bad day, It was a great day!

  • The man lives in Medford. Why does the headline read Gordon Heights?

  • We’ve changed the headline. We believed it to be Gordon Heights. We actually did check the map. He lives one block from the corner of Mill Road and Granny Road. Wouldn’t that be Gordon Heights? Or does he live one block from Gordon Heights? Here’s to hoping we finally do get that post office in Gordon Heights. Sorry for the confusion. We’re truly not interested in whether or not the person’s a minority. We just try to add clarity to where exactly someone lives or where something happened. Saying Medford, a fairly large hamlet, could imply someone lived near Patchogue and outside our coverage area. This was clearly in the northern portion of Medford. In this regard, it’s similar to where I grew up in Lake Panamoka. We’ll often say Lake Panamoka in our stories even though it’s the Ridge zip code, because it gives the reader a better understanding of where in Ridge. Both places have their own civics and are separate communities, but the lack of zip code creates some confusion for us sometimes. Still, being that we seem to have been off by one block, we agree the headline needed to be changed. — Grant

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