Monday Briefing: 13 downtown restaurants and three on the way

03/14/2011 9:27 AM |

All of Riverhead’s a stage.

At least that’s how it seems lately, with the number of videos and slide shows being posted at In just the last two weeks we’ve featured the Sing East End open karaoke event at Vail-Leavitt Music Hall —which the previous weekend had hosted the Riverhead Idol contest — Winterfest jazz performances and Riley Avenue school’s production of Cinderella.  And, of course, Riverhead Middle School’s annual Roman Banquet and play Thursday night.

We hope the kids and parents have enjoyed the coverage. Before the Web some of these great photos would have never been seen.

•  Hungry? Yesterday marked the first day of Hamptons Restaurant Week. I’m not sure if all these restaurants are participating in the $19.95 or $24.95 prix fixe meals, but thought it would be interesting to try to name all of downtown’s sit-down eateries, both mainstays and in the works:

These are the restaurants I could remember from between the LIRR tracks to the east and the Suffolk Historical Society to the west. Did I miss any?

Parto’s Restaurant

Julia’s Pizzeria


Athens Grill

Digger O’Dell’s



Star Confectionery

Riverhead Diner and Grill

Tweeds Buffalo Bar

Dark Horse

Cliff’s Rendezvous

Jerry and the Mermaid

In the works:

The Riverhead Project (in the old Chase bank building)

Tex-Mex place (behind Haiku)

Barbecue joint (in the former Casa Rica bar and restaurant)

So downtown may just be becoming that restaurant destination many have envisioned. Now we just need some more fun bars like Bay Shore’s Nutty Irishman.

• Speaking of the Irish, Thursday is St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll be heading to my Italian mother-in-law’s house for some corned beef and cabbage. Perhaps if this downtown thing takes off Riverhead may one day host its own St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The Hampton Bays parade has really grown in popularity since the first one was held some six or seven years ago, and it’s a great way to welcome spring, which arrives next Monday.

It couldn’t come sooner.

After today, the five-day forecast calls for temperatures in the 50s, even reaching 65 degrees on Friday. That’s almost 70, people!

• There is a Riverhead Town Board meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. Be sure to follow us on Twitter during the meeting to get headlines from reporter Tim Gannon.



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  • How about Rendevous?

  • I just remembered Rendezvous on the way into work. I added to the list! Thanks for the feedback.

  • I just remembered Rendezvous on the way into work. I added to the list! Thanks for the feedback.

  • I wouldnt recommend a Nutty Irishman type of bar in town,unless you want more public drunkeness disorderly conducts,DWIs and probably worse.How about a family friendly affordable place?

  • I wouldnt recommend a Nutty Irishman type of bar in town,unless you want more public drunkeness disorderly conducts,DWIs and probably worse.How about a family friendly affordable place?

  • Diggers is an Irish . Don’t need another. It is a friendly place where avery0ne is Irish. Ron

  • Keep those good restaurants and breweries coming folks….Riverhead is a great little town, I live in Yaphank but I love to shop in Riverhead….Good Luck!

  • Hi Tim and Mike,
    Last time I read a piece from Mike he was suggesting that the answer to Riverhead’s downtown absence of evening foot traffic would be improved if we had more bars and restaurants.If we had wall to wall occupancy of all the vacant properties by the businesses Mike suggests, where do the customers for those establishments come from? Do you believe Riverhead will be the working class Hamptons? Sounds more like Rockaway to me. This town will never be anything until the “good old boys give way and allow it to be reinvented” and not by their cronies and friends. What a joke!!

  • Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write on my blog something like that. Can I take a portion of your post to my site?

  • By choosing the HEADLINE “Garbage permit hearing set” the Suffolk Times is assisting a Southold Town Board motivated by partisan politics to characterize this issue.

    Southold Town no longer has a dump. “Garbage” is what intelligent Southolders have been trying to minimize for the past ten years. Eliminating the requirement of yellow bags for commercial carters while continuing the requirement of yellow bags for self haulers will agravate the problem. The proposed reporting of numbers of customers is obviously a completely ineffective way to monitor compliance with recycling law.

    I don’t know anyone who likes yellow bags, but yellow bags have succesfully supported public awareness and participation in recycling.

    There are reasonable alternatives to yellow bags. I have a proposal I call the Red Tag system. I have not mentioned it yet because the meetings on this issue have been distorted and directed by persons afflicted with antisocial personality disorder.

    The Southold Town Board resolution to establish a “garbage permit” for “garbage carters” is a farce. The real point of the new law is to placate the garbage people. Garbage people have no respect for the environment and no respect for people who do respect the environment.

    Who will be heard at the public hearing on Tuesday, April 26 in the Town Hall meeting room?

  • I applaud you. A Primary example of Garbage in, Garbage out!

  • And I implore you, as the famous Chakonoton the Cozovex Dossi Fossi Sini Tomentilla Coronilla Polentilla Battledore & Shuttlecock Derry down Derry Dumps suggests, tis good to use a runcible spoon to dine on mince and quince.

  • Thank you for proving my point Benja. Garbage in. Garbage out.

  • And I Thank you Orwell for proving my point. You obviously can’t tell the difference between intelligent reasoning and nonsense.

  • Reasonable Intelligence would be the prerequisite for Intelligent Reasoning and sadly you have not shown “Reasonable” Intelligence to be one of your strong points.

  • How ironic that you chose the name Orwell. Your circular reasoning is reminiscent of the kind of manipulative concepts inimical to a free society that the great Orwell fought passionately against (see )

  • How about his yearly trips to the Philippines? He is completely open about what he does there… and we the taxpayers are footing the bill! Do a search for prostitution in the Philippines and tell me what you come up with. 😉

    He’s a real stand-up guy!