Oldies concert planned to help replace Riverhead Blues Festival

03/16/2011 11:15 PM |

It didn’t take the Riverhead Business Improvement District leadership long to fill the gap left by the demise of the Riverhead Blues Festival.

The BID board on Wednesday voted to sponsor an oldies concert on Saturday, July 16, during the weekend in July was when the Blues Festival was traditionally held. The event will be named in memory of former longtime town Supervisor Joe Janoski, who died last year and who was a big fan of 1950’s music.

The BID is also planning a one-day Mardi Gras event on Aug. 6 this year, and BID members say that event, which may include a float contest and parade, also could help fill the void left by the Blues Festival.

The oldies concert would feature several bands playing music from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, according to members of the BID, which is a taxing district that collects funds from downtown business owners for events and promotions. They envision the event starting around 4 p.m. and continuing until around 11 p.m. The Blues Festival was a two-day event and started much earlier in the day.

The Vail-Leavitt Music Hall, which had sponsored the Blues Festival in recent years as a fundraiser for the non-profit organization, announced Monday it would not be holding the outdoor riverfront festival this year, and would instead hold a series of smaller fundraising concerts inside the Music Hall.

BID member Ed Densieski suggested a 50s and 60s concert during the organization’s monthly meeting and BID members took a vote and supported that idea, adding music from the 70s  as well.

“I think that brings in the kind of crowd we want to bring in,” said BID board member Tony Coates.

Mr. Densieski also suggested naming the one-day event in honor of Mr. Janoski.

“Joe Janoski was a huge fifties and sixties music guy and he was always talking about doing some type of big concert,” Mr. Densieski said.

Some BID members expressed concern that naming the event after Mr. Janoski, a Republican Party member, might politicize it, but the majority felt it would just be paying tribute to him and supported the idea.

The idea for the oldies concert was something BID members had planned to hold this year, but had not determined when. No bands have been scheduled yet.

In addition to the July 16 event and the Mardi Gras event on Aug. 6, the BID also has scheduled a Fourth of July concert, on Sunday, July 3, as it did last year.

Three performers are scheduled to perform. The local band Who Are Those Guys? will play first, followed by Grammy-nominated Southold resident Brady Rhymer and the Little Band that Could, who played the Fourth of July event last year. The closing act will be the Rock and Roll Revue, Mr. Pickersgill said.

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  • Lets see…………… if you were 20 in 1959 you would …..um…………. be …………. ah…………oh right ………72 years old …..exactly….. now thats a change!

  • The Oldies concert will cover 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s, something for everyone.

  • so……… we should listen only to music from the time we are 20 and there after…. um……. so much……. for mozart & bethoven…….. now thats!…… not logical, the bid is putting a series of
    free concerts for all age groups we are not replacing for hear say the blues festival but simply
    filling a gap of our summer concert series between the 3rd of july and the 6 of august you should come down and enjoy these concerts with friends & family

  • Love WATG, but if this is all what is offered, this is gonna stiff. Leveraging the term “oldies” has already turned off a good part of a younger audience that is really looking for a good hometown festival.

    For it’s warts and all, RBF did take shots at periodically drawing a headliner like Joe Bonamassa – this is what will draw attention and bring a revenue stream to hold stronger events for the future.

    If they want to be serious rather than create a stopgap, the BID should take a year off and look at the Great South Bay and NoFo Festivals – nationally renowned acts, great vending and food, a well thought out, family-oriented landscape

  • we are not trying to replace the blues fest or compete with any other event.we also are not charging for any of our events,nofo festival 40.00 per person,think patchogue is 20.00 per person.our events are free and we had no complaints about anything we did on such short notice last year (2 weeks of planning) and we had huge attendance at all our events.this year we have not one but three grammy award winning and nominated entertainers at various events we are doing.the oldies concert we have planned was not last minute we just changed the date.it is a concert for all ages because we are doing from the 60;s to 2000.with various performers.we set up chairs for people who want to sit and tables and chairs for people who want to eat and watch.the best part is qualityentertainment for FREE and very little cost to the town (volunteers and bid members do all the work including picking up the garbage ) wait till the end of the summer meanwhile come on down, bring the family. i guarantee you and your family will have a great time

  • The blues festival put us on the map every year,its bad politics and bad decision making by the board let the people who orchestrated the concerts all these years do their event,theres enough police force in riverhead to do concert day patrols,Riverhead is supposed to be the” county seat” start acting like it do your part for the town and its community

  • Sounds way too fancy to me

  • We will miss you Bob. Wave as you pass by the market though.

  • Sounds great – and I’m sure the place will be very popular. Love Lane Kitchen does things right. My only question is how Love Lane will handle all the traffic?

  • sounds great!?!?!?????(forgive incomplete prior) i grew up in mattituck. i remember the big thrill to have become old enough to ride my bike to love lane —get penny candy from that jewish couple who owned that store(kinda where broken down is). i met my first love at the arcade that was there in my early teens. they are destroying “hooterville”. oh and as far as traffic. they will eventually just erase all of love lane rebuild and like the L.I.E they will rebuild with more lane availability. i am beginning to see why i havent been “home”(ha!) in quite a while. from what i understand there is a big bad realtor in the shadows. well….. i will always have the memories. goodbye hooterville. hello Psuedo hooterville. way too fancy bob i agree.(oh but…..l- …..the long-leaf yellow pine from a barn in connecticut. great. why not from a barn from the north fork—chris. didnt you move to the north fork for it natural inherent qualities……are you really from connecticut? oh well at least the 1%ers will feel right at home. peace.

  • incoherent rambling

  • INCOHERENT RAMBLING?????? really? …….you must be one of the individuals that represent most of society and why most reading material is written on the 4th grade level………peace.

  • Your ramblings look and read like the comminique of a serial killer. Why don’t you just cut letters from magazines and paste them together. It would make more sense.

  • People like this just kill me! Whine and bitch about how progress is destroying “Hooterville” (most people don’t consider it a compliment, TV’s Hooterville was meant as a joke), how the traffic is so terrible that (God forbid!) they may have to fix the road. But when the town council threatens to cut school programs, or services, or lay off workers, these same pikers blame everyone but themselves. Where do they think the money comes from to educate our children and employ their parents and pay for community services? It comes from COMMERCE, from the small local businesses paying taxes and trying to make a go of it in “Hooterville” despite the closed mindedness and ignorance of some (no-longer) residents. The money comes from the people who are willing to travel to the North Fork from Nassau County, NYC and the South Fork to enjoy a little bit of what we have here. And there is enough to share. Instead of trying to prevent progress (a hallmark of extremist fundamentalist groups) offer some constructive insights on how to mould the future. Better yet, this isn’t your home anymore – bud out.

  • Since the time when apes left the trees and started living in caves, men have tried to make their abodes appear nicer. Bob, I suspect that your idea of “decorating” is a gallon of flat white paint. So the owners and the architect of Love Lane Market are making an effort to bring something nice to Mattituck; what’s your gripe? Rather, I think that Southold Town should take notes while they debate the fate of the Mattituck corridor. Seems to me, they could do worse than to hire Chris Smith to bring a little panache to the project.

  • boy!!!!!!!!!!!!! did i hit a sore spot or what!? i went from a ignorant closed minded (no longer) resident to a extremist from a fundamentalist group in less than two sentences. and than you needed to come back an hour later and call me a serial killer. are you uncomfortable in your own skin or only when others dont see as you do. “comminique” (did you spend most of the hour looking that word up)………….o.k. maybe you graduated from high school……………my bad. peace.

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  • “pychological defence mechanism”; “discontinue to interfer”. Really? Granted, I misspelled “communiqué”. I promise not to pick on your spelling or grammar if you promise to stick to the subject. And, by the way, capitalization is performed by depressing the keyboard button marked “Shift” or “Caps Lock”. Although I dislike when people type everything in CAPS; as much as, when people try to make a point by using lots of punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, you did hit a nerve. I take umbrage whenever I hear (or read) flippant comments about serious issues. These remarks mostly spew from ill-informed, parochial dullards. It is such a common refrain from the local twig suckers. We want THEIR money; but don’t let THEM into the neighborhood. Fortunately most of these frontal lobe challenged dinosaurs have moved away; much like yourself. BTW, I didn’t call you an extremist, I merely projected your arguments to their extreme conclusion – a common technique in debates. I do apologize if I “hurt” you; I didn’t realize that you were quite so thin skinned. You can stop trying make points by alleging your “superior” education, as I seriously doubt that that is the case. Among my numerous failings is the pleasure I take when engaging in a battle of words and wits with an unarmed man. I am not proud of it.

    I would be happy to continue our debate sans the personal attacks; if you have any true point of view about why we shouldn’t encourage businesses to invest in Mattituck.

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