Photos: Riverhead rec puts on first doggie theater show

03/19/2011 3:03 PM |

The Riverhead Recreation Department presented the first ever ‘Pet Drama’ featuring three golden retrievers and two Belgian Tervurens Saturday at the Senior Center in Aquebogue.

The pooches are all dog obedience competitors and told throught the point of view of ‘Chiquita Banana, an 8 year-old golden retriever that belongs to the Town’s Youth Bureau coordinator Donna Lyczkowski. Ms. Lyczkowski also narrated the stories that take place in a magical place she calls Camp Copperstar.

Chiquita Banana and other members of her fur family are: daughter Lola, 5; Belgium Tervuren Simply Red; golden retriever Savannah, 2; and Red’s brother Belgium Tervuren, Hampton, 3.

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BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Golden retriever Savannah remains calm with the crowd.



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