Sophie Grodski

03/29/2011 4:31 PM |

Former Riverhead resident Sophie Grodski died March 25 at Hospice of the Comforter in Altamonte Springs, Fla. She was 86.

She was born in Greenport Sept. 28, 1924, to Jozefa (Deerkoski) and Antone Berkoski, and was a high school graduate.

She lived most of her life in Riverhead and moved to Altamonte Springs in 1984. Family members said she loved the outdoors and working in her garden, and enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren.

Predeceased by her husband, John, in 1992, Ms. Grodski is survived by her son, John, of Riverhead; her daughter, Jacqueline McCarthy of Oviedo, Fla.; her brother, Edward Berkoski of Mattituck; her sister, Theresa Wilcenski of Laurel; three grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. She was also predeceased by her siblings Stanley and Helen Berkoski, Stella Rempe and Mary Gutowski,

Visiting hours will take place Friday, April 1, from 2 to 4 p.m. at McLaughlin Heppner Funeral Home in Riverhead, with a service at 3:30 p.m.



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  • The general idea, that recycling is decreasing, is true.

    But, the report is self deprecating, the statistics are suspect and the substance is undefined.

    And, the article is ridiculously inaccurate and incomplete. Southold is not #2 it is #3.

    >> The Town of Southold had the second highest recycling rate at 55 percent, behind only Shelter Island (63 percent).

    What about Southampton (85 percent)? Besides for Southold being #3 in the admittedly inaccurate scale of the study, there is another aspect of the article which is incomplete. Apparently the study is news because it was just released, but it appears to cover only until 2009.

    In 2010-11 there have been significant new developments in Southold Town. Go Green has started a business advertizing that you do not have to recycle, and Southold Town has announced that it does not like our Yellow Bags. Southold Town Law is not and will not be enforced. The law will be changed to accommodate Go Green. Recycling is not a priority of Southold Town.

    A version of this comment was posted shortly after this article was published but was held hostage to editorial approval.

  • Good catch on the Southampton error, which was made localizing this story for The Suffolk Times.

  • Benja,

    Has your sense of reality always been so warped? My grandmother used to say, “If you want to stir a pot, use a spoon with a handle.” When one bends the truth one might just as well be lying .


  • Well Well, Or…well

    I wonder what your Grandmother thought of you?

  • Let’s just say I learned that lesson well. Perhaps you should have had teacher like that.

  • Lost in this discussion is the fact that once again the east end is doing much better than the rest of Long Island. Riverhead’s hopefully doing a much better job by now…but why are we talking about 2009? And why is the rest of Long Island not taking this issue seriously…Thoughtful Replacement of our current county executive is one way we can help change that tide.

  • It’s truly shaming that there are some people out there who do not believe that other people can think for themselves and who also believe that the truth can be adjusted to fit their agenda. Scary really if they are allowed a platform……A cursory examination of Benja’s diatribe against G0-Green and Southold Town will quickly reveal how deceitful and manipulative his statements are. You just have to look. Truth will set you free. Kudos to Orwell!