This week’s public meetings

03/07/2011 10:46 AM |

9:30 a.m. Riverhead Town Board work session, Town Hall.
7:15 p.m. Riverhead Zoning Board of Appeals, Town Board.

7 p.m. Riverhead Agricultural Advisory Committee, Town Hall.

7 p.m. Riverhead Board of Education budget presentation, Phillips Avenue Elementary School auditorium.
7 p.m. Riverhead Town Board, Town Hall.
7:30 p.m. Jamesport Fire District.
7:30 p.m. Riverhead Fire District.

9:30 a.m. Riverhead Town Board work session, Town Hall.
3 p.m. Riverhead Planning Board, Town Hall.



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  • THere was a lot of cookie cutter in Aquebogue and Calverton. I also include the mc mansions in Wading River.

  • Shame of it all is when Lilco and Keyspan merged they were supposed to start gas mains and services to customers homes.We waited and nothing happenend. Now National Grid bought Keyspan and still no attempt to run gas mains and services to oil gouged consumers. While National Grid is about to slash 1200 of its most experienced personel to make itself more attractive to a buyer what benefit has the consumer recieved. National Grid UK will sell it’s US assets and pick up it’s tidy profit and reinvest it in the UK. Who ever buys The Downstate part of Nat Grid while be buying a company with no experienced personel at all levels. It will buy a company with infrastructure problems in Queens and Brooklyn of monumental proportions. Why because all Nat Grid UK did was milk the company only to sell it off …..this will happen because Wall Street says it’s in the Grid’s best interest to do so.
    I wonder where the PSC is in all this…sleeping at the stick…Utilities have never been short term investment vehicles until deregulation, you bought utility stock reinvested the dividends and hopfully accumulated enough to supplement your income in retirement.
    The same goes for it’s employees usually they are lifetime employees. They learned the business from the bottom up. Supervision was promoted through the ranks and it worked! Now you have managment at all levels that no nothing about how to run a utility.
    And who suffers? You.
    The polititions rant about how we have to get off foriegn oil but make little effort to push utilities to move natural gas and help the American get the oil monkey off their backs..
    There’s so much money sitting on the sidelines , Issue tax free bonds with a decent return to pay the cost of running the mains and services. MAKE the banks offer low interest loans for the conversion work. They need to start spending some TARP money in the right places.
    This will create jobs not just for the workers in the trenches, but white collar jobs as well.
    You will need people to canvas neighborhoods, sell equiptment , process loans as well as equiptment installers ,maintenance people etc.
    It’s a shame, how we as Amreican citizens continue to be screwed by the peolpe who are hired by us to protect our interests in Washington and in our own backyard…..