Teenager botches escape from Riverside jail

04/13/2011 3:44 PM |

A teenage inmate at the Suffolk County Jail in Riverside who was being held on burglary charges tried to escape the facility Tuesday, but instead he got caught in several layers of razor wire, according to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department.

Jose Nunez-Garcia, 16, of East Northport scaled an inner fence at the jail’s exercise yard and ran along a narrow passage during his escape attempt. He then cut himself trying to flee through a maze of razor wire.

He was caught within seven minutes and was charged with first-degree attempted escape.

“The swift response of our highly trained officers, coupled with security measures at our facilities, reinforce the foolishness of such an attempt,” said Sheriff Vincent DeMarco.

Mr. Nunez-Garcia was originally arrested March 20 after a string of commercial burglaries in the Northport area over the course of two months. He was caught hiding in a building at Village Physical Therapy in Northport Village. Police said he was involved in at least four burglaries including one at the Bank of America branch in East Northport.



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  • Jack-
    Jesus had two dads.

  • Jack,
    Jesus had two dads.

  • Are you for real?

  • Of course! Everyone has health problems that come on over months, sans (cocaine), necessitating 911 calls, the information muddled along they way…he had a cold, after all!!!Ahhh-chooo! And what’s with the mention of inequality with the Police? You pay this year yet? You see what happened is….what is today Friday? Can you call next Thursday…by then we shouldknow what happened yesterday:)

  • Dear Benja, yes baby Jesus and Santa too were in the manger. A powedery ah-choo!!!

  • Are we not as low as Springer? Except…what happens when everything is recorded? Your yard and mine. The Cruiser and my own? When the tape as proof trips you up…whenPhotoshop can’t edit thetruth lest it’s flushed….okay…almost there, can youcal back in two days?