Photos and video: Riverhead’s annual ‘Horseradish Day’

04/21/2011 5:28 AM |

Hundreds of people lined up to take home their annual jars of horseradish and to enjoy the smorgasbord of food during Riverhead’s yearly horseradish party Wednesday. The informal, unadvertised event was held in a barn at Martha Clara Vineyard in Riverhead.

The event was started in the 70s by East End journalists Don Smith and Art Penny, lawyer Pete Danowski and lawyers with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office.

This year, 20 bushels of giant horseradish roots were peeled, cut up, ground and whirred in food processors, then mixed with lemon juice and vinegar.

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BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO | Bill Sanok of Mattituck holds up unpeeled horseradish roots.



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  • Unadvertised?? Why keep it a secret? I would love to buy some ready made instead of crying while I grate my store bought roots.

  • I’m lucky to count myself as one of Harry’s friends, albeit a long distance one from the Seattle area. Harry’s not one to give up. Glad to see he’s getting some press on this!

  • I have never know the family to be poor…Harry Sr. had a plumbing business and did very well in town..they lived as any average family did. I don’t think my sister would like to see herself portrayed as such.