Riverhead wind turbine to get the nod

04/21/2011 5:48 AM |

It looks like a wind turbine is indeed coming to the Riverhead sewer plant property off Route 105.

Councilman George Gabrielsen and Supervisor Walter took a trip to Madison County, N.Y., last week to observe a 1.5 megawatt turbine in action there. Both concluded the turbine is quiet enough that it would not disturb neighborhoods around the sewer plant.

“I was against the turbine but now I think I’m going to switch the other way,” Mr. Gabrielsen told the News-Review during his ride from Madison County last Monday. “They weren’t that noisy. If you get right under it you can hear a swishing sound but that was about it. And this was an old model; the new ones are even quieter.”

Mr. Walter, who also had reservations but will now support the proposed project, said that once he and Mr. Gabrielsen took a short walk into some nearby woods they could not hear any sound from the turbine.

Both men have met with the New York Power Authority, which could end up overseeing the entire project.

“NYPA would get us the right unit, so I feel comfortable,” said Mr. Gabrielsen.

The proposed 750 kw wind turbine would cost the town, at most, $1.8 million to build, but the energy it generates for the sewer plant would pay off that cost within 11 years. It would then generate $5 million in energy savings over its projected 25-year life, according to consultant Peter Rusy of DHL Power, which did a feasibility study on the proposal.

“We have to approve the bonding issue,” Mr. Walter said about the next steps. “Probably before that we’ll put the other duck in a row with NYPA and make sure they’re willing to come in and construct this, and work it. And if they do this the interest rate is like .5 percent. That’s like free money.”

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  • With all the talk about the audits not being done, how could the interest rate possibly be that low, Sean? Is it really “like .5 percent” or is it something higher because your chief financial guy has not done the job he was hired to do?

  • Hello Gentlemen, I am so happy you both think its quiet enough! I would like you to have brought a few of the residents on your little trip who actually live on either River ave or Riverside drive to see what they think! Do we (the residents get a vote on this) if so I say NO!!

  • Yeah…lets bring it to a public vote!!!

  • I predict that Sandmine Sean and Curious George will cause property values in the residential areas near the huge turbine to drop by 30-50%.

    Maybe the town should harness all the hot air coming out of Walter’s bunker.

  • if they want to see or hear one in action take them to one of the turbines are located in a few different locations further east on the north fork.

  • Wind turbines are only 20% efficient. After many years not one coal or gas plant has ever been decommissioned. The turbine gears are very expensive and last only 3 to 7 years. They consume electricity from the grid for lighting, computer control, heating, etc………..that’s because the grid provides reliable electricity. On the hottest days there’s no wind and they fail to provide power on the coldest days, according to energy tribune.com.
    Turbines also kill bats (also birds),as predators of insects bats serve an important role in nature. Although they only produce 1-2 offspring per year bats can live for thirty years in the wild. New evidence indicates the air pressure difference created as the huge turbine blades sweep by bursts blood vessels in the bat’s lungs causing instant death.
    Also, they harm humans ie, sleep deprivation, inaudible components of noise affects the body’s physiology, as per windturbinenoisehealthhumanrights.com.
    Last but not least, Wind turbines affect property values.
    As a property owner, I will sue this friggen town to the fullest extent of the law if they put a wind turbine within 20 miles of my property and WHY NOT?