Homeless man knocks down elderly Wal-Mart greeter during theft

04/26/2011 1:00 PM |

An 80-year-old greeter at the Riverhead WalMart was knocked to the ground Friday after asking to see the receipt of a homeless man who was attempting to leave the store after stealing a laptop computer.

Stephen Morris, 33, formerly of Far Rockaway, Queens, pushed the older woman to the ground and fled the store about 7:30 a.m., possibly fracturing her wrist in the process, police said.


But another employee recognized Mr. Morris, and the suspect was picked up on a warrant later that day. “She asked to see his receipt; he knocked her over,” Riverhead Detective Sergeant Joseph Loggia said simply.

The victim, who lives in Middle Island, left work early with back pain, though she was not hospitalized.

Sgt. Loggia said she might have broken her wrist in the ordeal.

Mr. Morris was charged with third-degree robbery. He is being held on $50,000 bail at the Suffolk County Jail in Riverside.

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  • Why doesn’t McKenna give back his raise that he negotiated for himself for the next two years? He is asking CSEA members (who get paid next to nothing) to take a pay freeze, but he is unwilling to do the same! What makes him so special? He already makes well over $200,000 a year including his perks, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with giving himself even more money while the employees (who actually have contact with the children) making less than $30,000 get nothing? This is ridiculous!

  • everytime a taxpayer asks how much in raises are being awarded- they are silenced with the typical, “we can’t disclose details; ‘that information is confidential’ response- and the public never knows how much has spent. Suddenly, now this becomes public discussion, when it comes to CSEA members?
    Shame shame shame.

  • That’s an excellent point netwrok2011. Since when are any contract negotiations made public? Whenever the Board wants to discuss contract or personnel issues, they go into “executive session” and what they discuss during that time is not made public and not even put into the minutes for the meeting. Why did Mr. Diffley feel it was ok to go public with this information? Because it’s CSEA? Very unprofessional. I don’t remember McKenna’s raise being talked about at any Board metting!

  • and the rich get richer, and the person trying to make ends meet to PAY those huge salaries gets?
    treat everyone the same way, regardless of the task- if this is truly for the kids. right.

  • It is really a bit disturbing to learn the the Board of Ed has chosen to share these negotiation details. It strikes this reader that this might just be an effort to capitalize on community concerns about other negotiations that have maybe not been managed well and other parties that are refusing to engage in good faith discussions about voluntary freezes (who are now claiming their job is the hardest and offering to walk a mile…… all while being the highest paid member of the district who has asked for lifetime health benefits for his spouse!). Making CSEA employees the scapegoats here is really unfortunate, I wonder if we will hear of similar claims from them for their spouses?? Probably not, they know they would be laughed out of town.

    As we have all learned in the last months the big costs of any contract come from health costs and lifetime retirement benefits. I would be more interested in hearing from the board what their short and long term strategy will be to address those issues with all employees in a consistent manner and not about picking the most powerless group in the district to single out for this remarkable breach of precedent.

    Why are we not hearing from the board about their plans to address this issue for all the employees in the district? If the Board meant to make a step toward initiating some transparency into this process then we should be hearing about that, not these heavy handed attempts at mustering community outrage about a 2% raise over a 4 year term. Lets also remember that almost 100% of the CSEA employees are district residents and property owners and so are paying their “fair” share of education costs, like the rest of us, at least those who own property here.

    On the bright side, this should mean that the formerly closed and opaque window into district negotiations might be getting cleaned up and opening a bit. It seems the Board has set a precedent and the community will now be informed of the negotiation details and progress as all the other contract negotiations come due. Otherwise, this really is bullying of the most powerless…..

    After all, we know that consistency is one of the ways we learn best, seems fitting doesn’t it?

  • when taxpayers tried to ask questions at the ‘meet the candidates’ event, once again, as happened in years past, the questions were screened and monitored; the public was told it was a “PTA” sponsored event. Parents can be part of the PTA and not agree with the actions of the board or administration. All negotiations, raises are quiet; salaries are edited out of the budget, and now suddenly ‘transparency’ for negotiations with the CSEA with dollar amounts mentions.
    Give the money away, get the budget passed, then tell the CSEA workers that there is nothing left to give. Time to stop; no, wayyyyy past time to stop.

  • Working in the public sector generally means that things such as pay are open to the public. Those of us becoming more and more frustrated with the rising costs of educating our children primarily due to the increase in pay for administrators, staff and teachers becomes a matter of interest. Not because we, “joe public” care what those individuals are making per year, but more so what kind of impact that has on the overall cost of educating our children. Going to a budget meeting as a member of the community means nothing since any handouts or slideshows can be quite vague and questions go unanswered because it is then a matter of privacy. Unions had their place and their time many many years ago, however they have now over stayed their welcome and are creating an environment in which anyone associated with a union feels an entitlement to more pay without much more work. The American dream used to be about getting a foothold through hard work and making something of ourselves that proved that we are capable and willing to get the job done to better ourselves, our children and our communities. The American dream today is about asking someone to negotiate for us to get the most pay for the least amout of work. Anyone, not just CSEA and I mean ANYONE asking for a raise today not because they have proved themselves but because they think that they are entitled ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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