Southampton Village police chief tapped for town’s top cop job

04/29/2011 2:31 PM |

TIM GANNON PHOTO | Southampton Town's newly appointed police chief William Wilson.

Southampton Village Police Chief William Wilson Jr. will soon be taking the helm of the much larger Southampton Town Police Department, officials announced Friday.

“After several weeks of intensive discussion and careful deliberation, I am pleased to announce the Town Board will appoint William Wilson, Jr., said Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst. “This has been a very difficult decision for us all because we have great respect and appreciation for all of the fine officers who were considered for this position.”

Ms. Throne-Holst said she is confident the Town Board made a choice “that will provide our town with a strong, progressive vision for the future.”

Mr. Wilson is replacing James Overton, who retired April 15 after serving as chief since 1990.




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  • Think about how much of residential property tax dollars are spent on local, parochial police forces? Why not let Suffolk County set up in all the East End Towns and use the money we pay Suffolk County for public safety? Why pay twice? So someone’s son or daughter or father or mother or uncle or aunt or cousin can have a job? Doesn’t make sense anymore…

  • what a waste

  • hmmm….Mr. Fucito has no issues with the handful of people who have been critical of the board in selecting a superintendent, but now he is upset that there is criticism of his crony Dr. Copel by a handful that disagree with his view.
    Not exactly consistent on his part…or fair…or responsible. Apparently a “handful” only gets credence if you agree with him, and if not, then you are marginalized.

    It is nice to see that many parents and faculty are excited about the new superintendent and are welcoming him with expectations of positive change and reversing the trend of “watered down education” the district has faced in recent years under Dr. Copel.