Flanders: RCSD school board candidates forum May 9

05/03/2011 8:52 AM |

Hello, friends and neighbors. Did you get outside this weekend? I hope so. It was absolutely gorgeous. I remember in early March thinking “Will this winter ever end?” Well it did, even if it did take a little bit longer than we had hoped. I’m really looking forward to summer and school vacation so that I can get a break from waking three teenagers every morning. They can be quite crabby, as I’m sure many of you who have teenagers know. Well, not much longer now.

A Riverhead Central School District School Board Candidates Forum, sponsored by FRNCA, will be held at the David Crohan Community Center on Monday, May 9, at 7 p.m. This is an extremely important meeting. This gives you the chance to meet your candidates personally so that you can make an informed choice. You can really get the “feel” of someone when you can ask them a question and look them in the eye when they answer. I hope to see you there.

Riverhead High School’s Class of 1986 is hosting its 25th reunion in August and details and lists are being finalized. Make sure you’re on that list! If you are a fellow alum, please email or call me with your name and address so that I can include you in the activities. We had such a good time at the last reunion, don’t miss this one! You can also find us on Facebook under Riverhead HS Class of 1986. The event will be held at Eagle’s Landing in Calverton on Aug. 27. I really hope to see everyone there.

Belated happy 8th birthday to James Marin, who celebrated on April 28, from Mom, Dad, Anthony, Alyssa and all your family and friends. I hope you had a wonderful day!

Sorry for the short column this week but I guess we’re all just out enjoying the gorgeous weather and not sitting inside on the computer or telephone. Good for you! Please don’t forget, though, that this is your column and I need to hear from residents so I have a column to write. Thanks to those who did email me. I look forward to hearing from everyone else soon. Please remember to drive safely, slowly, and to put those cell phones down!

That phone call or text is not worth your life or someone else’s. Pull over if you need to take that call or respond to that text. Have a wonderful weekend!



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  • $5,000 to call 300 people? And you’d do it again? Ms. Berkoski calling you on it is a “shameful, dirty political trick?” Have you lost your damn mind, woman?

  • Actually, I think Ms. Beroski was calling out the Board for not discussing the results at the 14 June hearing. And it really sounds like she wants to have it both ways on the cost – out of one side of her face she calls it a waste of money – and out of the other she wants to spend even MORE money by reopening the public hearing to discuss the results and conducting more “public outreach”.

    If you think Ms Bonner has lost her mind, then I guess that goes for the entire Board that UNANIMOUSLY approved the $80K consulting contract that included this $5K poll. And truthfully, knowing a little something about the cost of Government consultants (albeit at the Federal level) I’d say have to say that $5K was probably something of a bargain for developing the poll questions, making the calls, and collating the responses… even if there were only a little over 300 of them. We don’t call them “Beltway Bandits” for nothing.

  • Bandits indeed! I just don’t know how 300 people can constitute a representative cross section of residents.

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    Reduced Rates!!! Only $5,000 per day!!!!!

  • Can Bonner and her supporters say anything besides “dirty trick”? All she can do is try to play the role of a victim when anyone asks “why?” How about Jane Bonner and Jesse Garcia calling EVERY registered Republican in the district and stating that any petitions for Town Board candidates besides hers are “ACORN related dirty tricks by the Democrats”. Was that a classy move? North Shore Sun doesn’t think it was news, but please see http://www.newsday.com/news/breaking/spin-cycle-1.812042/in-b-khaven-race-dial-c-for-controversy-1.2986829

  • So speaketh Ray Negron, the guy who wants to run against her, but who Garcia, the Republican chairman, declined to support. No axes to grind there, eh?

    Appreciate the link to the Newsday article… funny thing though, there’s no mention of Bonner having anything to do with those calls – Garcia takes full responsibility for them. Any other half-truths your campaign cares to share with us Ray?

    — Sent from my Palm Pre

  • Yes, there’s no mention that Bonner is not a Republican. Also, I have a name and you don’t (bravery in anonymity). Your message was sent from a Town-issued Palm Pre. No axes to grind here, my campaign is based upon a lifetime of service while your anonymous comments are based upon preserving a no-show job. Bonner had “no comment” about the robo-call. Lastly, I didn’t write the article, Newsday did. http://www.friendsofraynegron.com

  • You make a great many wrong assumptions sir. My message was sent from a privately owned cell phone, and my private industry job has absolutely no connection to the Town of Brookhaven. And trust me, it’s hardly a “no-show job”… I have today off as part my regular 9-80 work schedule. One would hope you don’t leap to so many baseless conclusions in your law practice.

    No, you didn’t write the Newsday article, you wrote, and I quote “How about Jane Bonner and Jesse Garcia calling EVERY registered Republican in the district…” and then referenced the Newsday article. The problem is the Newsday article never said Bonner had anything to do with the calls… that’s apparently YOUR accusation, one you present no evidence to back up. And I’d have to say “no comment” would be an appropriate response if one were asked about something they had nothing to do with.

    Lastly, my “anonymity” is consistent with probably at least 95% of the people who post here… at least those of us that aren’t running for office. And I don’t see where my post would have any reason to make me worry about bravery or cowardice… I wasn’t the one making accusations.

  • The only thing politically charged here is the fact that Strategic Planning Systems donated to Bonner’s campaign – also, go to their website and check out there clientele.

    She is quoted above stating that the poll is a “valuable tool” yet she failed to share any information about the poll at the Public Hearing OR at the Mt. Sinai forum. I urge everyone to read the poll carefully and see how “valuable: you think it is. She failed her constituents on many levels.

    http://www.brookhaven.org/DesktopModules/Bring2mind/DMX/Download.aspx?Command=Core_Download&EntryId=3946&PortalId=0&TabId=134 Traffic will become intolerable.

    You can’t support/decline or oppose/decline.

  • Can someone help me understand the difference between disagree and oppose?

  • Why do you assume to know so much about our anonymous Trekkie friend?