A ‘new’ public parking lot for downtown Riverhead

05/02/2011 2:57 PM |

TIM GANNON PHOTO | A chain link fence currently blocks the parking lot behind the former Chase branch on East Main Street.

Downtown Riverhead is on the verge of getting some more parking spaces.

The Town Board is expected to approve a resolution Tuesday authorizing Supervisor Sean Walter to sign an agreement with the owner of The Riverhead Project restaurant, which is under construction, that would remove chain-link fences blocking a parking lot that runs behind the restaurant and a neighboring strip of stores.

The lot stretches between Maple and Union avenues, which run parallel to each other, on the north side of East Main Street.

It has been fenced off on both sides ever since the Chase bank building, which now houses the restaurant, on the corner of Maple and East Main Street closed about two years ago.

The lot is part of the former bank property.

“This will open up parking for East Main Street,” Councilman John Dunleavy said. “All those stores there never had parking.”

He said the lot will add about 50 parking stalls.

The bank building is currently being renovated into The Riverhead Project restaurant by Dennis McDermott, who previously owned the Frisky Oyster in Greenport, and is expected to open soon.

Mr. McDermott, who is leasing the property, has expressed a willingness to open the lot up to the public at-large, and not just restaurant customers.

The resolution before the Town Board at Tuesday’s meeting calls for the parking to be sublet to the town for five years, commencing July 1, 2011 and ending on Dec. 31, 2015. The sub-lease also has an option that would allow the town to either renew the lease for five more years or to purchase the property.

The proposed agreement would require the town to pay $5,000 for 2011 and $5,000 plus an increase commensurate with the Consumer Price Index increase starting on July 1, 2012 and continuing in subsequent years.

The town also would be required to repave and re-stripe the parking lot and to maintain it at its own cost.

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  • I would like an invitation!!

  • Only Riverhead’s bumbling Supervisor and incompetent Town Board would bank downtown revitalization on restuarants, which are among the most likely new businesses to fail. Worse, with all the tax breaks doled out, they will have an unfair adavantage over existing businesses that have been around for years.

    Equally foolish is a low income project with 400 square foot cubicles (whose partner ran an immigrant rooming house shut down in Greenport) and the twenty year tax abatement given to what amounts to a catering hall (run by another Republican special friend)

  • Here is yet another example of the incompetance of Riverhead’s town board. How ignorant is this, the taxpayers will pay 5,000 for 2011 and 5000 + for 2012 on a lot that is being leased by the owner of the restaurant. Lets see how long it takes for our disfunctional board to figure out that you can not legally lease property that is being leased by another leasee(the restaurant owner doesn’t own the property he is trying to lease). Next you can not buy property that the person who you are leasing it from doesn’t own. Now I have seen it all we have a bunch of MORONS running this town.People we all have to pitch in and get these wanna be politicians out of office as all they have done is bury the town of Riverhead deeper in debt than ever imaginable. Dunceleavy has got to be the biggest idiot that has ever been elected to the board. This is what you get when you allow people to elect their incompetant friends to office!

  • But hey, downtown is alive with activity!!!! Be careful Sean, you don’t want to take up those “valuable” parking spaces though……… Moron.