Inmate-built flowerbeds to be delivered downtown Friday

05/12/2011 2:14 PM |

Downtown’s new community garden is getting some help from an unlikely source — the county jail.

At 11 a.m. Friday, Suffolk County Sheriff Vincent DeMarco will be overseeing the delivery of several raised flower beds, built by inmates in the jail’s apprentice program, to the River & Roots community garden on West Main Street.

“The jail’s Vocational Training Program was established as a tool to reduce inmate recidivism in our communities,” according to a press release from the sheriff’s office announcing the event. “These frames will allow families to plant, grow and maintain gardens and flowers along the Peconic River Waterfront in Riverhead.”

The garden is currently under construction on a town-owned plot just south of West Main Street and Griffing Avenue.



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  • Those flower beds must look pretty amazing to be able to get that much attention. I wonder how the flower beds looked like, and how those inmates took care of them. I hope I can see some of the pictures soon.

    Aaliyah Aldaco

  • To James Gaughran, Suffolk County Water Authority Chairman,

    In your letter you made the duplicity of Suffolk County Water Authority express.

    You wrote that “the quality of the groundwater Suffolk residents depend on for their drinking water”. And then you wrote that “it’s also important for Suffolk residents to understand the distinction between groundwater and the water that comes out of your tap.”

    In the real world, “the water that comes out of your tap” is groundwater.

    Your statements that you “look forward to offering our thoughts on how best to protect our groundwater” and that you ~”will take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that the water we provide is some of the best drinking water in the country” imply that you are not taking, and will not take, the steps necessary to protect our groundwater.

    As a public authority your responsibility is not only to your customers, it is to the general public. Apparently you think the North Fork is no different from the rest of Suffolk County. Some North Fork residents still live in the natural environment, not in a false fantasy world created by humans. The water that comes out of my tap comes out of my well.

    SCWA tests, treats and profits from delivering groundwater to the taps of customers. By claiming that there is a guaranteed unlimited supply of “some of the best drinking water in the country” on Long Island SCWA is violating its authority.

  • greenport to inforce code????? what a concept, its what ive been complaining about from day one !!!! its only enforced on those not conected if you have any doubt just look at the kaplan market and the other two propertys the gordons own in our village.all have been ilegaly altered in major ways without variences or permits and all have valid complaints attached but they have never been violated and according to abateli and wingate they never will because both know that if they did they stand a 98% chance of going to jail, they have screwed up so bad that they are now held hostage by out of town slum lords who make no bones about turning on thier benifacters if they ever dare to do the job the real CITIZENS of greenport pay them to do. once they are removed you will see changes

  • Should issues related to the personal life of public officials and candidates for public office be “off limits”?

    It depends on whether the issue affects the way that person conducts business or might carry out their duties and functions.

    Why the double standard?

    Why is the leave of absence from office of Supervisor Russel off limits? Why didn’t anyone publically question the incomplete and irrational explanation presented by Supervisor Russell?

    Please don’t reply if you do not have anything relevant to say.

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  • Wow, what happened here this week, too much time in the sun, overly damp? Has to be something…. 😉

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