Dining Guide: Porto Bello Restaurant

05/17/2011 9:28 AM |

Owner(s): Diana DiVello
Year established: 1991
Location: 1410 Manhanset Ave., Greenport
Phone: 631-477-1515
Attire: Casual/neat
Wheelchair accessible: Yes
Hours: Open for dinner 7 days in season
Website: portobellonorthfork.com

One of the North Fork’s hidden treasures, Porto Bello Restaurant is well worth a trip to its new location, away from noise and crowds, where diners can enjoy delicious food and a spectacular water view in a secluded setting.

Celebrating its 20th year, owner Diana DiVello has returned the restaurant to its original waterfront location in Greenport’s beautiful Stirling Harbor Marina.

Porto Bello offers an extensive Italian menu, as well as fresh local seafood, locally grown vegetables and North Fork wines. Its specialties include stuffed veal chop, pan-seared chicken and the Porto Bello mushroom, grilled and topped with roasted red peppers, Gorgonzola cheese and a balsamic reduction.

“Our Bolognese sauce is a favorite of diners,” said Diana, “made with beef and veal, tomatoes and a touch of cream. And our Italian cheesecake, made with ricotta, is a delectable finish.”

Named “Best of the Best” Italian Food in 2010 by Dan’s Papers, Porto Bello offers an upscale dining experience and professional, friendly staff who pay great attention to diners’ needs. It also provides on-site catering and can accommodate special events.

“We recently had an exciting phone call from Zagat’s, telling us that our ratings for food, service and decor were all up, across the board,” said Diana.

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