Authorities round up 10 sex offenders for failing to register addresses

07/10/2011 9:21 AM |

Southampton Town and Suffolk County police, with the help of U.S. Marshals report they have arrested 10 sex offenders over three months for failing to register their addresses with the state.

The Southampton Town Police department’s juvenile aid officers spearheaded the effort to enforce the state Sex offender Registry Act, which requires convicted sex offenders to update the state Division of Criminal Justice Services on where they live.

As part of the operation, local authorities responded to given sex offender addresses within the town to verify the men or women lived there and are in compliance with the law. Those who were found not to be living at the registered addresses were tracked down and arrested.

Those arrested include:

Richard Ramos, failure to notify a new change of address

John Shelton, failure to notify a new change of address

Jason Bullock, failure to notify a new change of address

Carl Graves, failure to notify a new change of address

James Stoutmire, failure to notify a new change of address

William Keene, failure to notify a new change of address

Robert Trocchio, failure to notify a new change of address

John Martinolich, failure to notify a new change of address

Benjamin Griffin- failure to notify a new change of address

* Lucas Rivera, failure to personally verify address with local law enforcement every 90 days

All of the above charges are felonies, Southampton Police said.

Nine of the 10 sex offenders are now registered as residing at the county jail, except for Richard Ramos, whose names do not appear on the public database, which lists only Level 2 and 3 sex offenders. Level 3 offenders are deemed the greatest risk to re-offend.

* Described as “uniquely problematic” by Department of Social Services officials in a February 2009 News-Review article, Mr. Rivera, who most often lives in the county’s homeless sex offender shelter outside the county jail in Riverside, is a repeat offender of the state’s sex offender registry laws and had even been arrested in 2008 for urinating on the Riverhead Town Police headquarters on Howell Avenue.



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  • The registry is the outcome of a police state created around a group of people exclusively defined by a legislature. The legislature created this registry, applied it ex-post facto, and can and does change the definitions of what a sex offender is, and the restrictions on a sex offender at any time for any reason. The legislature includes all law making bodies, from Federal, State to Local.

    There never is any hearings, any appeals, or any challenges to any assertion the State makes on a registrant or groups of registrants. The restrictions are simply passed, people are notified of the law and are told if they do not obey, they will be charged with a serious crime and put into prison for a long time. This is the definition of totalitarianism.

    In order for the State to overcome the ex-post facto prohibition the State is only required to assert public safety. The State never has to show a public safety benefit. No registrant is allowed to show how applying these laws to individuals will not benefit public safety or will actually put the public in more danger.

    The registry has lost credibility to “regulate” anyone. No person can show any registry law protects the community. There is evidence (a lot of it) that the registry strips a person of safety and/or security, takes away freedom of association, strips a person of the 1st Amendment along with taking the RIGHT to live peaceably within the community.

    Non-credible laws do not have to be followed. It is that simple. No legislature is allowed to pass laws against a group of people, allow no hearings, pass it ex-post facto and have the only outcome being the loss of safety and/or security. In other words, you need MORE than stating, “public safety” you need to SHOW public safety AND that the laws are not stripping safety and/or security (by forcing homelessness or isolation). The conclusion MUST be that the registry can be fled from in any way possible as it violates basic human rights.

    The registry is not a court, nor is it supposed to be a punishment. Yet, nobody can show any other outcome of the registry except punitive. What there needs to be is a court, the State, a defendant, with the parties giving evidence, making arguments and decisions rendered that are in the best interest of the public AND the offender. If a person is determined to be not dangerous, the State has no basis to put restrictions upon them AFTER a sentence has been served. Anything else? Is illegal and doesn’t have to be followed.

    A police State set up by legislative fiat? You people are a whole bunch less free than you think.

  • So how many did they check? Sex offenders have the LOWEST recidivism rates (for new sex crimes) than any other criminal. 10? Out of how many?

  • Yeah, this is just like the Gestapos did to the Jewish People.. treating them like dogs.. banning them from getting jobs, putting a mark on them so nobody will hire them, no body will rent housing to them, banning them from Homeless shelters.. then hunting them down and charging them with a FELONY crime .. so you can lock them up, and the tax payers can FEED AND CLOTHE THEM AND PAY FOR THEIR DENTAL AND MEDICAL BILLS… Soon, there will be more people living off of the STATE AND FEDERAL GOVERNMENT via prison and jail, then there are out working and paying taxes.. The politicians will not work for a living.. so, who will do the work and pay the taxes? Kinda perplexing isnt’t it?

    Note, 1 out of 100 Americans are in Prison or Jail.. More people are in prison in America than all the people in all nations combined.. REPORT: Free Membership Required to Read or Download the Report.