Riverhead man buys $10K lotto winner at East Main Street gas station

03/26/2012 12:00 PM |

MICHAEL WHITE PHOTO | A $1 lotto ticket purchased at OK Petroleum on East Main Street turned into $10,000 for Joseph Brunjes.

A Riverhead man recently won $10,000 from a Mega Millions lottery ticket purchased at an East Main Street gas station, New York Lottery officials announced Monday.

Joseph Brunjes won during the March 13 drawing after purchasing the $1 ticket at the OK Petroleum station on East Main Street that same day. He claimed his prize March 19.

The odds of winning Brunjes’ prize are 1 in 689,000, lottery officials said. Mr. Brunjes could not be immediately reached for comment.

OK Petroleum gas station owner John Mestre said Mr. Brunjes was a regular customer and played the lottery often.

He won after getting five out of six numbers correct on his ticket, including the “Mega Ball” number, Mr. Mestre said.

The gas station has sold winning tickets in the past, he said, such as a $17,000 and $25,000 prize about a year ago.

This latest prize was the first Mega Millions winner from the gas station.


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