Meet your Riverhead High School Top 15

05/01/2012 11:49 AM |

RIVERHEAD COURTESY PHOTO | Riverhead announced its top 15 students for the Class of 2012. Pictured sitting (left to right), Daugile Savaneviciute, Sandra Ruttkayova, Meyling Zuniga, Mariah Messina and John Rios. Middle row: Timothy Clement, Hannah Keiffert, Ashley Ropell, Annina Giannuzzi and Taylor Block. Back row: Joshua Blom, Alexandra Norbury, Brittney Baron, William Green and Yevgeniya Komzyuk.

Riverhead High School announced the top 15 students for the Class of 2012, a prestigious accomplishment for a group of students who will be attending college for engineering, biology and biochemistry among others.

The top 15 includes:

1. Daugile Savaneviciute, Harvard University/ Physics

2. Sandra Ruttkayova, Undecided

3. Meyling Zuniga, SUNY Stony Brook/ Biochemistry

4. Mariah Messina, Loyola University/ Biology

5. John Rios, Princeton University/ Classics

5. Timothy Clement, SUNY Binghamton/ Biology

7. Hannah Keiffert, SUNY Stony Brook/ Graphic Design

8. Ashley Ropell, SUNY Stony Brook/ Engineering

9. Annina Giannuzzi, Bringham Young University/ Biology

10. Taylor Block, St. Joseph’s College/ Speech Pathology

11. Joshua Blom, Bringham Young University/ Physics

12. Alexandra Norbury, Suffolk CC Honors Program/ Business

13. Brittney Baron, SUNY Geneseo/ Elementary Ed., Special Education

14. William Green, University of Rochester/ Engineering

15. Yevgeniya Komzyuk, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences/ Pharmacy

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