Golf Gazette: A hero for whom cell phones and golf courses don’t mix

05/07/2012 10:00 PM |

Most of us have had a few heros in our lives. It may have been an athlete. Perhaps a movie star. Maybe a political figure. Come to think of it, scratch the last one.

My first hero was “The Duke of Flatbush,” Duke Snider, who played baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers back in the 1950s. Golfer Jack Nicklaus is also on my list, earning his way there for what he has done both on and off the golf course. And my hands down number one all-time hero is Jesus. In an interview I did with John Feinstein a few years ago, I asked John if he could play a round of golf with anyone, living or deceased, who would it be? His answer, “Jesus.” I’m right there with Mr. Feinstein.

I suppose if I thought about it a bit longer, I could come up with a few more heros to add to my list. Recently, I was able to do just that.

How many times in your life has someone done something that really ticked you off? Somehow you navigated your way through the situation without being tossed in jail, but a few hours later you said to yourself, “I really should have done this,” or, “If only I had said blah, blah, blah.” Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Too little, too late.

My new hero found himself in an irritating situation and actually had enough courage to do something about it. This being a golf column, my hero performed his act of fearlessness, where else but on a golf course. I recently sat down with this individual and recorded his recollection of the event. Here it is in his own words:

“A few years ago I had an occasion to golf with two other gentlemen and we had a threesome. Before teeing off on the first hole, a fellow came up in his cart and asked if he could join us.

“No problem, I said. After the introductions were made, I said to the man that I only had one request, that he didn’t use his cell phone. I told him if he must use his phone to put it on vibrate.

“As I was about to tee off, his cell phone rang. He went to his cart and answered the call. I asked him again, very politely, to turn off his phone. As we approached the first green, his phone went off for a second time. On the next hole his phone rings for the third time. So, I went over to his cart, took his cell phone and threw it into the other fairway, telling him to have a good day. I told him to go ahead of us if he wanted, which he did, and I never saw him again. I don’t like cell phones on golf courses, it’s as simple as that.”

My regular readers know how I feel about cell phones and golf courses. Unless you’re expecting an emergency call, a real emergency call, put it away. You’re playing golf. Have fun and relax. At the very least, if you really think you’re that important, wait until you get to the turn or finish your round before pulling out your security blanket.

Now, to reveal the name of my newest hero. Stand up and take a bow, Bob Scott (the jeweler).

Bob reminded me he had two of his buddies by his side just in case things got ugly, but still good for you, Bob. Job well done.

TEE TIMES Our first reported hole-in-one of the year goes to Stan Siejka of Southold, who aced the seventh hole at Cedars Golf Club in Cutchogue.

I asked Stan what his golfing experience had been prior to getting his ace. “Twenty-five holes,” he said.

Thinking I may not have heard him correctly, I said, “Did you say you’ve been playing golf for 25 years?”

“No, 25 holes,” Stan repeated.

My hearing is not that good, so I asked again, “You mean you’ve played 25 rounds of golf.”

“No, I had played a total of 25 holes of golf in my life before my hole-in-one,” said Stan, clearing up my astonished confusion.

OUTINGS The seventh annual North Fork Breast Health Coalition will be held June 8 at Calverton Links. For more information, call Susie Bandiera at (631) 722-3025 or email

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  • Golf Gazette: A hero for whom cell phones and golf courses don’t mixRiverhead News Review | Riverhead News Review

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  • Golf Gazette: A hero for whom cell phones and golf courses don’t mixRiverhead News Review | Riverhead News Review
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