Monday Briefing: This is why you don’t resist arrest

06/18/2012 8:00 AM |


I’ve watched enough cops shows in my day to know that if you injure a cop, he won’t take it easy on you.

Still, it’s always a bit jarring to see a mug shot like the one sent to us yesterday by the Nassau County Police Department.

The photograph shows a bloodied up Charles Cimino of Wading River after he allegedly injured a police officer during an incident in which he was caught stealing a Sony home theater receiver from a Sears store in Hicksville.

According to the police report, Mr. Cimino flailed his arms and resisted arrest when he was confronted by a police officer in the Broadway Mall parking lot. As a result, a police officer suffered a laceration on his finger that required four stitches.

Whenever I receive a press release regarding resisting arrest or an injured officer, I know the mug shot will be an ugly one.

That was certainly the case this time around, as Mr. Cimino was pictured with a bandage on his nose and blood on his shirt.

It’s called an eye for an eye.

Or in this case, a nose for a finger.

• Farm Country Kitchen is easily among the best lunch spots on the North Fork. If you’ve never checked it out, I suggest you do. Just bring a buck or two for the valet.

• Joe Girardi’s Yankees won three games this weekend, but that pales in comparison to the five games won by his son Dante’s travel team. Dante and the Cubs took the title in the Future Big Leaguers Tournament Series at Stotzky Park in Riverhead this weekend.

• Father’s Day weekend on the North Fork was marked by two big events: The Mattituck Strawberry Festival and the Riverhead Blues Festival. Of course, both festivals were a good place to hang with dad Sunday. That was a theme of our video from Riverhead and a photo gallery from Mattituck Sunday.

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